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“to see a picture of a large marine animal interacting peacefully with a human can trigger something in people’s mind and change their perception,” says photographer, scientific advisor and free diver fred buyle (@fredbuyle ). “as a free diver, you truly feel part of the ecosystem… i wish people understood that there is no ‘us’ and the environment — we are a whole system. on planet earth, everything is interdependent.” 🐳🏊🌎🌊💙 #worldoceansday photo by @fredbuyle
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I'm in for that in my sleep
Мощно 😀✌🏼👍🏼
Muy me recuerda cuando yo buceaba.
Мощно ✌🏼😀✌🏼
We are together and we like to live together
Letícia ❤️
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Synchronized well~
One must know how to respect the space and limits of the species they are interacting with❣

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