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In this case, playing with this “food” is totally allowed. it’s a creation from og slimes (@slime_og ). 🍌🍦🍒 “making dessert slime has connected us with people through their food and culture, whether it be our “fresas con crema” slime inspired by the popular mexican dessert or “sticky rice and mango” inspired by traditional thai cuisine,” says christine ly, who runs og slimes with her sister donna and their friend danny.
today on our story, og slimes puts the cherry on top of a fake banana split, and then squishes it for our asmr delight.
photo by @slime_og
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@amigara i want to play with this food!!!!
Еда ✌🏼😜✌🏼
Yummy banana split...😍😍😍😍
Mmmmmmmm ricota❤️❤️_❤️_
Can you eat it?
Omg.i want it
Еда ✌🏼😜✌🏼
Это просто Класс😮😮
Puro engorde
Sooooooo eatable

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