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For today’s #weeklyfluff, we are proud to introduce sammy (@samtheminidood ), a mini goldendoodle who recently graduated his canine good citizen training. ⁣
“sammy’s personality is very loyal and affectionate. he brightens the day of each person he comes in contact with,” says his human lauren, who is graduating nursing school from the university of oklahoma health sciences center.⁣

“nursing school is a vigorous and stressful experience, but i always had sammy to lean on during the hardest moments. he is the best at knowing how to cheer me up,” she says. “i don’t know how i could’ve gotten through the stresses of school without my best friend by my side the whole way through.”⁣

photo by @samtheminidood
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So cute...❤️❤️❤️
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[visual description]- this is an image of a goldendoodle named sammy wearing a graduation cap. the dog has white fur and is sitting down and looking to the left. the dog's mouth is slightly open and its bottom teeth and tongue are visible. it is also wearing a dog collar with a bone tag on its neck and what appears to be a black harness around its chest. behind the dog there is a low-resolution backdrop of an image of green trees and grass.
@___.shna._ kay taxarujt krd?😂