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Fernando magalhães’ (@mglhs_com ) ever-evolving futuristic beings live in the genesis humanproject.alpha, a computer-generated world he dreamed up at the end of 2018. the london-based brazilian artist uses procedural modeling, a programming technique that creates 3d models and textures.⁣

“i’m only able to see them [his characters] once the render is done — so it’s kind of like meeting somebody for the first time,” explains fernando. “i love to see them and try to understand, to feel from where they came from, who they are, what they do and so on.”⁣

“today i’m working in this universe that i created, but my mind goes much further than that. through my work, i hope people understand that art goes beyond what we know as art, there’s different paths, approaches and possibilities.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

digital images by @mglhs_com
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Angel ,demons, pure spirits
Great stuff! <3
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