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Asian american girl club (@asianamericangirlclub ) is the group ally maki (@allymaki ) wishes her teenage self could join. “i wanted to redefine the narrative for myself of what belonging should feel like,” explains ally, who founded aagc in 2018. “my goal was to create something by girls that look like me, for girls that look like me.”⁣
the club recently kicked off #aagclettersoflove, a hashtag created for a 7-year-old girl named leia who heard a classmate say “they didn’t like china or chinese people because they started this quarantine” on a virtual meeting.⁣
“some of our girls asked if they could write an encouraging letter back to leia. we thought this could be a beautiful way of letting her know she has a community of love who support her,” explains ally. “it made me wonder how many other young people around the world are having similar experiences right now and not understanding why.”⁣
the response = amazing. “it is a clear example of how love and support can change a narrative,” says ally. “that’s the power of community in action.” #teamaagc #apaheritagemonth⁣

photo by @allymaki
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