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“i’m black and i’m proud. let me say it loud.” ✨⁣
“black lives matter is not a compound sentence.” 💯⁣
“the first step to enlightenment is awareness of the darkness.” 🗣⁣

it’s on all of us to #shareblackstories like these and take action for racial justice. see more posts on our story and watch the full videos on their accounts. 🖤⁣⁣

video by @jessieb803; photo by @browniepointsforyou; video by @oldchapcharity
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I like how black people say that we’re so racist when black people are just as racist to us
We "" benefit "" from any privilages, because our ancestors fought for them ! also, by educating ourselves and inventiveness ! africa had everything, in the beginning of mankind and did very little to take advantage, ever !! a huge fertile land area and every advantage, well above any white mans lands !! but you did absolutely nothing !!
As for slavery, that has always happened, andddd by black people, from the begining ! it still is happening, in africa, arabia, india and many other countries, except europe ( except for criminals, which will always happen. )
I have been there, i have seen it and it is considered "" normal "" !
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