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François vogel’s work captures images from reality and adds a visual twist, stretching them over space and time.⁣

“the things i film are real, but a shift in perspective modifies them as if our vision was kneaded by some invisible hands,” says the artist and director. françois’ slit-scan videos are based on his lifelong fascination with the science of pinhole cameras.⁣

“i experimented a lot, built many cameras. then, i did the same thing digitally. i took 360 photos or videos and then mimicked a kind of virtual pinhole camera on the computer. sometimes people think i am using green screen or cgi elements to do my creations. the image is stretched, but there is nothing more than what was shot on camera,” he explains.⁣

while in covid-19 lockdown with his family in vincennes, france, francois found a new muse — his cat.⁣

“my cat is very independent and pretty distant, so he is quite a difficult actor to direct. i have to know what his habits are in order to capture the proper action. it is kind of a game between him and me. my kids help me, too,” he says. “i hope that people like what they experience and at the same time they question the way they see the world around them.”⁣


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