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“i love code and the tech behind it, but i would like my work to make a human connection first,” says gerhard koenderink ( ).⁣

the dutch designer and creative director started to learn to code two years ago in order to explore his artistic concepts, ideas and moods through digital experimentation.⁣

“the beauty of creative coding is that it’s fast, vast, flexible and sometimes unexpected. the only limit is knowledge, technology and time.⁣

data for me is everything, a tool that opens up the door to play. currently, i’m in the code and hardware learning mode. one week might be trying to understand the fundamentals of neural networks, followed up by generative design, glsl (a shading language) or slamming them all together to see what happens. most of my work renders algorithmically in real time and what you are seeing is only a 10-second snapshot,” he says.⁣

“i try to make each piece have its own personality, flow and rhythm, through a healthy obsession on the little ‘organic’ nuances.⁣

this piece was created during the lockdown and i just wanted to escape into this sunny, warm and chill place. the cool thing right now with my art is that i’m my own client — it’s super liberating and totally frightening at the same time.”⁣


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