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“the key to black liberation is economic power,” explains 17-year-old founder, ceo and social justice advocate trinity simone (@mstrinitysimone ). “when you support a black-owned business, you support a force that will fuel the dreams and aspirations of those committed to doing the work and advancing our people.”⁣

“black vibe tribe (@blackvibetribe ) prides itself in being a vessel of black expression, an homage to our ancestors and a love letter to the culture and community that has shaped our lives,” says trinity, who launched the brand at 14 years old with a line of statement t-shirts. “my ancestors were able to wield our people to movement with their words. that was the spark that i needed to light the fire within me to create words that empowered us to take action.”⁣

trinity is also the founder of the youth will be all write (@theyouthwillbeallwrite ), a social justice initiative that provides imprisoned youth with a creative outlet for expression with the donation of composition notebooks. ⁣

“i have aspirations that my work will fuel a generation to become more aware of the trials and tribulations black people face in this society and motivate them to construct viable solutions to face and fight them. i want my people to know that we descend from greatness and are capable of achieving, surviving and overcoming any and all evil that faces us.⁣

the ongoing racial injustice and outrage my community has been faced with further fuels me to continue the work of healing, protecting, nourishing and uplifting my people through it all.”⁣


photo by @mstrinitysimone
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