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Haile thomas (@hailethomas ) is a 19-year-old activist, author and ceo of the happy org (@thehappyorg ), a nonprofit organization that promotes youth empowerment through holistic education. one of its initiatives is to provide free plant-based nutrition and wellness education in underserved communities.⁣

“my work is rooted in empowering others to nurture their mental, physical and spiritual health through nourishing foods and intersectional self-care and vulnerability,” says haile, who is the youngest certified integrative nutrition health coach in the united states.⁣

“the most important issues to me blend into an overall theme of making mental, physical and spiritual wellness accessible for all human beings and creating a more compassionate and ethical world. the topics of social justice, sustainability, food apartheid and holistic education are most definitely interconnected.⁣

this year, we’ve witnessed the power of painful, yet beautiful, black vulnerability. it has pushed us to learn and grow individually and collectively. each of us is exceptionally influential just by simply living our lives.⁣

through sharing our truths, a certain liberation of spirit is granted that helps other black people feel seen in our shared experiences and capable of sharing about them — whether that’s to heal, raise awareness, educate, communicate raw emotions or express the endless manifestations of our collective magic.⁣

that’s the power of our stories.”⁣


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