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“i’m proud of where we come from and that my parents stayed true to themselves,” says brazilian-american artist june canedo de souza (@june_canedo ), whose family migrated to the us when she was 9 years old.⁣

“leaving brazil wasn’t an easy decision and they’ve always had dreams of returning. i hope to help them make that happen. this is a generalization, but brazilians always dream of returning home.”⁣

this #latinxheritagemonth, we’re celebrating latinx voices that represent the beauty of their culture. read june’s letter below for more about her experience and watch our story to learn about her book “mara kuya,” a series of photos that tell the story of migration and family separation.⁣


“i don’t remember the face of the man who took me from minas gerais to new jersey, but i remember that first plane ride. how the blonde american woman with the little red hat on her head sat me up front and made me feel important with the crayons and the orange juice. i got to the us by morning and 20 years later, the only thing i can remember about jersey is the feeling of cold air pinching against my skin. it was november when i got to south carolina. the air was warm and sweet and i became the first brazilian third grader in horry county. taken over seven years, the images in ‘mara kuya’ are to assure my 9-year-old self that the sharp edges will smooth eventually. feeling the time go by, i am still doing my best.” —@june_canedo

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