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Welcome to performer, artist and model ellen sheidlin’s (@sheidlina ) twisted fantasy world, where imagination runs wild and creativity plays out through her surreal imagery and absurd beauty looks.⁣

“my art covers sensitive issues like bullying, self-acceptance, body positivity,” says ellen, who lives in st. petersburg, russia. “i make sculptures, paint, sew clothes and organize interactive exhibitions. the videos are images that come to life, and these are cartoons in which i am the heroine, both a villain and a savior.”⁣

everything ellen creates is shot irl with her husband — and without a big team or huge budget. “everything is very modest; we make props in the workshop; my husband takes photos of me and i process them. the shooting takes two minutes and the preparation takes three days,” she says.⁣

“the internet for me is like a picture book in my childhood,” says ellen. “every social network has influenced my artist identity — every app, every filter.”⁣


photos by @sheidlina
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