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Photographer ziqian liu’s (@ziqianqian ) ethereal self-portraits seek balance and harmony, and her innermost longing for perfect order.⁣

“i started shooting this way about two or three years ago,” says ziqian. “i was very anxious at that time. i found that taking pictures would slowly release my negative emotions. my style was gradually formed in the process of shooting. i found that the minimalist pictures would make my heart calm.⁣

humans and other creatures of nature live in the same world; we breathe the same air, depend on each other, are tolerant of each other. i try to find a kind of balance and symbiosis between humans and nature in my works, because only in this kind of state can beauty be most embodied.⁣

my deepest desire is symmetry and perfect order. in my work, the images in the mirror represent the idealized world i hope for. the integration with the outside just reminds me to respect and recognize the imbalance in the real world, but also to adhere to my own inner order and principles.⁣

my work is always created indoors. i think in the space we are most familiar with our emotions can be fully released. through talking with ourselves, we can get to know our innermost true self. so i think enjoying loneliness is also the process of discovering beauty.”⁣


photos by @ziqianqian
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