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Home. ❤️ for artist labo maurício lopes de oliveira (@laboyoung ), it’s the force behind his wearable pieces created from natural materials like leaves and coconut straws.⁣

“my work is how i enhance my black, marajoara and ribeirinha culture,” says labo, who lives in belém do pará in the brazilian amazon.⁣

“it started in my childhood, through games i played with my mom where we built a playful world — creating games and toys from objects we found in our backyard, either foliage or seeds. these memories are with me even today and it’s where i still find inspiration for creation and experimentation.”⁣

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Seu trabalho é maravilhoso! 💚💚💚
گروه فرفورژه سازان زفو
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Lheeendoooo de morrê!!