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“i plan to show the world that my marajoara, tapajônica and black culture has an incredible power to transform people.” 🙌⁣

labo maurício lopes de oliveira (@laboyoung ) uses natural materials to create wearable art. each piece represents his identity and a sense of black joy.⁣

“it is important to celebrate black joy because in the midst of structural problems like racism and colonialism, we need to remember how important our culture is, how rich it is and remember that it keeps us alive," says labo, who lives in belém do pará in the brazilian amazon.⁣

watch our igtv to see some of labo’s stunning looks and learn more about what brings him joy.⁣

#shareblackstories 🖤⁣

photo of @laboyoung by bruno coutinho
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Jaime and john peterson are my friends from brazil. so, john peterson abandoned me on social network.
❤️ ofcourse no cap #blacklivesmatter
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