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“you don’t have to wait until it’s the ‘right time’ to get started because you’re the only person who can create your reality.”⁣

for 18-year-old greisy hernandez gutierrez (@greisyhh ), her reality is advocating for mental health resources for gen z and people of color with her organization @laschicaschulas. it also means voting in the us presidential election on november 3.⁣

“voting is a tangible way to get your voice heard and advocate for marginalized communities. my grandma is approaching retirement after years of working overtime and i’m motivated to vote for representatives that prioritize healthcare and workers’ rights.”⁣

if you want to make a difference but aren’t sure how, greisy suggests making it personal. “start local with the issues affecting your community and reach out to organizations already doing work around this. i promise you’ll find at least one to contribute to.”⁣

this week, we’re sharing voices of young activists voting for the first time in a us presidential election. you can register to vote, check your status, learn how to vote by mail and more at our link in bio. ✨⁣

photo by @greisyhh
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