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Have no fear, charlot’s (@charlot_cat_ ) here!⁣

this european shorthair has a distinguished look — note that aristocratic french hairstyle and distinctive mustache — and a playful personality.⁣


video by @charlot_cat_
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Hhaaaaa it's very funny cat
چقد شبیه مخمل تو کارتون خونه مادربزرگه هس😂😂😂😂
C’est con non je ne sais pas mais moi je trouve ca con
Lol 😆😆😆
تــابـعـــونـــي اردهــــا شــوفــو شــكــد متــابــع 😥🌸
She is soooooo cuteee
J'aime cette vidéo. elle est bien❤️❤️