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No paint is used in the making of these portraits. all of bisa butler’s (@bisabutler ) large-scale appliqué artworks are made up of tiny pieces of fabric — cut, sewn and quilted on a long arm sewing machine.⁣

“my work celebrates the african american tradition of quilting and portrays the beauty, strength, pride and dignity of black people. i am inviting a re-imagining and a contemporary dialogue about age-old issues, still problematic in our culture, through the comforting, embracing medium of the quilt.⁣

i am telling the story of ordinary people — black people — whose stories have been deliberately ignored, misconstrued or outright denied.⁣

my subjects stand in defiance against racist stereotypes and show african americans as people who value family, community, education and hard work.⁣

i hope people view my work and see the expressions of joy, the vibrancy of colors and the quiet dignity of my portraits. i am expressing what i believe is the equal value of all humans. i hope when people see my work they can see a reflection of themselves and come to terms with the truth of the matter — all people are created equal.”⁣


art by @bisabutler
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This is amazing😍😍
So beautiful art
❤️love and feace
Amazing work representing a much needed recognised call for 100% equality!
Yes queen! @bisabutler 😍😍😍
Beautiful work
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