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New mall in town... can eleven go there???
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Happy birthday stranger things, today was the day the 1st season came out. who would’ve thought that the show blew up the way it did. so grateful to experience this journey... and season 3 is gonna be amazing... get ready❗️
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12 nominations for our show!! i love this cast and crew so much and i’m beyond thrilled to see how much stranger things has been embraced by our peers and the academy. well done to @dkharbour and of course the duffers; none of this would be possible without them! it’s incredibly special and rewarding. i’m the luckiest girl....❤️ @netflix @strangerthingstv
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If you have a voice, you should scream it from the rooftops #monclerbeyond #monclerpartner @moncler
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When your knee is nearly healed and you’re the happiest girl ☁️☁️
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Happy to be part of moncler’s family
#monclerfriends @moncler #monclerpartner
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Love love love these people. thanks nj for an amazing time! and to spend it with schnipper ❤️
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Just finished my first comic con in a while and it was so fun! u guys are all so awesome and sweet thanks chicago xx
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So grateful for this show ❤️ @strangerthingstv #emmy #fyc @netflix
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Dreaming of being on skates again…. @thesims #ts4seasons pack. #thesimsambassador (link in bio)
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