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Bay area snow ❄️ ⛄️
0 3 February 2019
Everybody needs a break and embrace the beauty of nature! nothing like california weather!
1 11 January 2019
I’ve been asked a lot of times the question when? who knows...right? there’s always the right timing and right condition. as a busy mom it is always hard to think of ourselves first financially and emotionally. we always put our families, especially our kids first before ourselves. that is why for me working out is difficult. you have to invest time and money, and honestly most of them are used for my kids education and extra curricular activities (which all cost a lot💰) there was a time i joined my friends for a free gym/workout trials and its all good but i just cannot commit. this year i decided to do what i can. i exercise at home by watching youtube zumba workouts. we all need to start somehow. it’s never too late...so this slogan “better now than never” is what keeps me going. no matter what stage you are in life you’ll will find the right time. for me, 2019 is my n👌w! how about you? visit www.doodlingtreasure.com for more “better now than never” products.
5 33 January 2019
Blue and white🌲need more work for next year🤔
0 3 January 2019
Family tradition...13 different kinds of fruit on new’s eve ✅ #goodluck #13fruits #newyear2019
0 2 January 2019
0 2 December 2018
0 2 December 2018
A much needed spa day. #spaday #facial #happymom #blessed #momlife
0 9 December 2018
City view...truly thankful and blessed 💕
0 7 November 2018