NPH ummm I never went to oovoo javer http://vsco.co/nikole-ph
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No one i'd rather dress 120 models with
18 356 1 weeks ago
How many girls did you see wearing this exact same outfit last night????
8 286 2 weeks ago
Until next time, nyc
2 206 3 weeks ago
Me, waiting for my sugar daddy to come pay my credit card bills after hitting the soho shops #seekingarrangements #notasugarbaby
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Blair waldorf who?
23 329 4 weeks ago
Just another pic at one of the two places in the house where there's decent lighting 仄‍儭
28 326 last month
Only took three years of being in the same program, living in the same rez and joining our first ever extra-curricular activity to become friends #thnxspur
10 269 last month
Is it really a night out if i don't post?
11 311 last month
Throwing it back in honour of the two year anniversary #2018vibes
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23 309 last month
Frost week is officially sponsored by motts clamato #thanksmaj
14 321 January 2018
Probably thinking about the food i was gunna eat after the club tbh
24 329 January 2018
I love my friends!!!! (also hbd andy)
0 250 December 2017
Shout out to ben.... u the real mvp
8 264 December 2017
Let's go girls !
26 315 November 2017
4 days of halloween got me looking more dead today than i did last night
6 279 November 2017
Boo takes on western university
16 297 October 2017
Name a more iconic duo... i'll wait
10 306 October 2017
Thankful not only for these gal pals but also for the alcohol we're dressed up as for having fuelled our wild nights out 荊
15 332 October 2017
Saturdays are for unsanctioned events
2 286 October 2017