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Devin Allen ◼️◾️▪️
1 hour ago
bydvnlln #repost @aperturefnd with @repostapp ・・・ in anticipation of the women’s march on washington tomorrow, aperture’s editors highlight images of protest that are a testament to the ever-evolving visual language of dissent. see them on . “from scenes of a community’s joy to scenes of anger and protest, @bydvnlln’s work expresses a profound cultural shift toward grassroots, proletarian ideals that in recent years have influenced millennials across the country. resonating with a long history of social justice photojournalism, his images reveal influences of the black lives matter ideology, both as a political program and as an ethos. in allen’s more confrontational photographs, the sense of injustice and indignation conveyed by the people who populate his images is palpable. these are people who understand that through action and mobilization it is possible to create change.” —aaron bryant . devin allen’s photograph originally appeared in aperture 223, “vision & justice.” . image: devin allen, "daughter of michael a. wood, jr., retired baltimore police officer who spoke out against corruption and excessive force in the baltimore police department, million man march, washington, d.c.," october 10, 2015 courtesy the artist
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1 hour ago
ninarobinsonnyc #repost @racerelated ・・・ “i'm going to the @womensmarch because i feel the imbalance in this world is due to the lack of our powerful feminine energy. for me the march is all about woman empowerment! our healing, health & happiness! i'm going to the march to bring more love to it!” said writer ashonda davenport on the bus to washington. portrait by @ninarobinsonnyc while on #nytassignment covering women attending the @womensmarch. #womensmarchonwashington #portraits #remarkablewomen #photography #onassignment
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Alternative Press
1 hour ago
altpress @sum41 are giving you #allkillernofiller on vinyl and we're stoked. click the link in our bio to read more! 🤘 (📷: @ryanvwatanabe)
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1 hour ago
imgmodels Fringe benefits. ✔️ @joansmalls walks today's @givenchyofficial's #fw17 #menswear show at #pfw. #👸🏽 #imgstars
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1 hour ago
Barack and michelle obama leave the u.s. capitol after donald trump's inauguration as the country's 45th president. video footage from associated press. #obama #obamafarewell #inauguration
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Miley Cyrus
47 minutes ago
mileycyrus Current mood fo sho
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Leonardo DiCaprio
50 minutes ago
leonardodicaprio Thank you @barackobama for the incredible work you’ve done to protect our planet during your presidency. i look forward to your continued work with the #obamafoundation. find out how you can get involved by visiting #regram #rg @obamafoundation: as one chapter ends, another begins. follow us as we continue the work that @barackobama started during his time in office. [📸 | @petesouza44] . . #obama #barackobama #thanksobama #obamafoundation #yeswecan
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53 minutes ago
iamhalsey Thank you. from the bottom of my heart.
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MTV Polska
1 hour ago
mtvpolska_official Za każdym razem, kiedy odpalamy #insta 😉😊😎 #tgif
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1 hour ago
Video shows protesters smashing the windows of a starbucks and bank of america in washington, d.c., during president donald trump's inauguration.
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MTV News
1 hour ago
mtvnews Ilovemakonnen, singer of the hit song "tuesday" and longtime hydration advocate, broke up the regular newsreel with some personal news of his own early this morning. "as a fashion icon, i can't tell you about everybody else's closet," the singer wrote on twitter. "i can only tell you about mine, and it's time i've come out." in a second tweet, he clarified exactly what he meant: "i'm gay. and now i've told you about my life, maybe you can go live yours." solid advice from an artist whose twitter feed is full of solid advice. by sasha geffen
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Cats Of Instagram
1 hour ago
cats.insta From : @gizmo_mr_cat Любишь котов ? Подписывайся @cats.insta 😻 Присылай фото своего котика в direct Лучшие фото попадут в ленту 😻😻😻 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #cats #cat #кот #catsinsta #instacats #instagram #instagramrussia #котики #котик #кошка
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Cats of Instagram
1 hour ago
Tag your friends 😹😻 from: @dooboo_cat #cats_of_world and follow us to be featured 🐱
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We Love Cats
2 hours ago
catsnet Cute cat necklace gold plated and be the centre of attention. - limited edition buy now 👉 @verifiedstore12👈 - free shipping worldwide! _🌎 store link: shipping worldwide 🚛 ⏳ only few pieces left! (clickable link in [email protected] bio!) few days left! get it now while it’s on sale! tag a friend who needs this cute cute cat necklace gold plated free shipping follow @verifiedstore12 @verifiedstore12 @verifiedstore12 #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #kitten #meow#catlover #catsagram #catlovers #cat_features #catlady #cateye #catholic #catlife #catlove #catsgram #cutecat #cutecats #cutest #meow #kittycat #topcatphoto #kittylove #mycat #instacats#headphone #instacat #ilovecat #kitties #gato #kittens #kitten
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Puppy ❤ Puppies ❤ Dogs
1 hour ago
pupflix A winter jacket that takes only 5 seconds to put on? how awesome it that! the 5-second dog parka from @worldofangus is 100% canadian made, guaranteed to fit all breeds and comes with a 5 year guarantee! it’s also available for a special price through their kickstarter page until the end of the month 🙃 click the link in our bio to get yours today! #dogapparel #dogaccessories #worldofangus #woadogparka #dogstyle #dogfashion #dogjacket #dogclothes
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Dogs of Instagram
2 hours ago
dogsofinstagram "the handsome, zim. surely one of canberra's finest fur gentlemen." writes @johnmuirphotography #dogsofinstagram
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Football & Viral Videos!
44 minutes ago
Download the app in my bio to get access to these emojis 😀
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Celtic FC
55 minutes ago
celticfc 📸 back to training at lennoxtown this week for mikael and the bhoys who prepare for sunday's scottish cup tie away to albion rovers. #coybig
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OceanRamsey, Ocean Ramsey
59 minutes ago
Haha! he may be a little tank but he can jump! just found this drone footage of #stitch @eliasharks #frenchbulldog /@oneoceandiving mascot/merman (haha) & boyfriend to @willowmozo & @rooneythegianthamsterdog 😉😘 missing this fun little charger 💙 i love 🐶 dogs, they're always "so freaking happy," 😊 & stitch is always so excited, it's a great way to be greeted every morning in the office. #charger #jump #explore check out professional drones at @saltnairstudios @hawaiicamera #stitchthefrenchbulldog #hawaii #northshore #smilemore #lifestooshortnottohavefun #spendtimewithyourdog #humanesociety #adoptdontshop #adoptashelterpet #adoptrescuefoster #frenchie #frenchbulldog #oneoceandiving
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Ocean Pictures™
1 hour ago
ocean_magazine Small little dude, photograph by~ @nealmoc
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2 hours ago
oceana Ever wondered how blue whales grow to their enormous size even though they're filter feeders? scientists believe that it's due to the remarkable efficiency of their feeding patterns. they optimize their energy efficiency by only lunging for krill when their prey source is located nearby in dense groups. 📷: flickr / marcopolo rejsebureau
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59 minutes ago
mercedesbenz One stunning discovery after the other. photo by @nate047 #thebestornothing #gle #amg #mbfanphoto #upupandaway #🏔 #💪 #😍 #🚗💨 #mountains [fuel consumption combined: 11.9 l/100 km | co2 emission combined: 278 g/km]
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Exotic Cars & Supercars
59 minutes ago
exotic_performance V12 zagato check out 💰 @wolf_millionaire 💰for our guides to grow followers & make money @wolf_millionaire click link in bio 🔥 free guides-> 🚨 🚨 check out @wolf_millionaire #wolfmillionaire photo by @hosamalghamdi #astonmartin #v12zagato #astonmartinv12zagato #madwhips
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MadWhips World's Hottest Cars
1 hour ago
madwhips Koenigsegg one:1 check out 💰 @wolf_millionaire 💰for our guides to grow followers & make money @wolf_millionaire click link in bio 🔥 free guides-> 🚨 🚨 check out @wolf_millionaire #wolfmillionaire photo by @dphotographymc #koenigsegg #one1 #koenigseggone1 #madwhips
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Food Pictures
1 hour ago
Checkout the chewy gummy hair vitamins from @sugarbearhair - taste amazing and work wonders! @sugarbearhair 💞#ad
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Food of Your Dreams
1 hour ago
Comment "obama" letter by letter if youre gonna miss him 👇
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