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So happy with how this chunky narwhal ring turned out 🤗 size 8.5 (q 1/2) available soon.
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Tell me - what are your favourite gemstones? (i think you all know my current fave is dendritic opal!) and are there any gemstone combinations you'd like to see on my bangles? 🤗 *** 20% off sale is still on and coupon (feb2018) is valid on moonstone and ocean jasper bangles sets! link to my shop in profile ***
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I only managed to get three things made in january but hoping for a much better february. i've got this amazing selection of dendritic opals to chose from 😍 is there anything you want to see? loving the ring i made but it's too big for me 😭 (size 8 / p.5)
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Goodbye kookie bear, you really were the best cat in the world 😭😭 i wish i could have saved you but the damage from pkd was too severe. letting you go was so hard. i can't believe you were seemingly healthy only 2 weeks ago 💔💔💔
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Please send all the healthy vibes / prayers to my beautiful cat bear. i took her to vet this morning hoping it was a dental issue but turns out she has severe kidney failure. she only had an annual check up 8 weeks ago and was fine. she's 9 and i've had her since she was a baby. she's at the hospital the vets are trying to save her. my heart is breaking 💔💔
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@riogrande catalogue to jewellers is like an argos catalogue to kids 🤗😆 excuse me while i drink coffee and circle many many things! #iwantitall
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I just finished this narwhal necklace and had to share 😍. i hope you're not bored of dendritic opal or narwhals yet as there are more things coming! rings (size 7.25 and 8) available in my etsy shop 😆
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Surprise listing! finally finished off this garnet and black onyx bangle that i intended to finish before my christmas break! 2.5" and in my shop right now! **see video of it in my stories**
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Your favourite 9 posts! bangles were hands down my most sold item 👍. there'll be plenty more bangles in 2018, new designs and i want to experiment with gold 🙈 what would you like to see me make next year? 🤔 x
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It's the last day of our holiday today 😭 😭 it's been a much needed break for our little family. i've reopened my etsy shop and orders will ship from monday 😊 if you've sent me a message i'll get back to you in the next couple of days x*x
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Packing up the last 6x orders before i go away tomorrow for some much needed family time in the sunshine 🌞.... hob nobs and cuppa are essential of course 👍
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My shop shuts tonight until the 16th december so if you had your eye on something be quick! once i'm back only uk orders will arrive in time for christmas 😊
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Shop update is now live 😊
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Edit - ** now available ** 9x charm necklaces available 7pm gmt.
21 716 November 2017
These bangle sets will be heading out to their new homes tomorrow 😊 *** shop update 26 nov at 7pm gmt ***
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When you wonder why something hasn't sold, and then you realise you never listed it! 🙈 oops. this will be included in my shop update on sunday at 7pm gmt 👍😊
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Sapphire bracelets 😍 7 inches long but the clasp can be attached on any link to make the bracelet tighter. available in my shop update sunday 26th at 7pm gmt.
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Another two necklaces for the winter collection..... keep an eye out on my feed for the release date announcement!
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