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Full-time dad *woof!* by samuel lee (@samleedraws )

completed for last father's day.remember to appreciate your fathers even if it ain't father's day. ;)
want to be featured? head over to http://tinyurl.com/sidmartwork !
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Trance by nur amallia (@itsdminky or @amoollia ) "enchanted by mystery"
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😎 would you.. laika talk? πŸ‘‰
desiree ong has been working at laika over the last 4 years in various departments including rapid prototyping, art and graphic design. she’s worked on the award winning “kubo and the two strings” film which was released in 2016 and is currently working on their latest film “missing link” releasing in spring 2019.
laika’s unique way of merging technology with practical effects stands out from other animation studios producing stop motion films we know and love including coraline, paranorman, the boxtrolls, and more. desiree will be sharing her experiences with working on films with laika as a graphic designer, breaking down the processes behind the films and sharing with you exclusive information that’s not even available on their dvd’s extra content!
her drive to pursue a dream to work for laika along with her experiences ponoko (a laser cutting company”, fonco (a practical effects commercial company) and several events companies including scraps entertainment brought her where she is today!
join this talk and be inspired by her journey!

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Ground zero by voon ming wei (@mingweiii_ ) from animation year 2.

inspired by sci-fi film chappie, ming wei created his own robot bust.

check out his artstation for more of his work:
https://hotsauce420.artstation.com/ ..
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Animation alumnus nicholas p**n (grad. 2015) (@nik_jyp ) came back to sidm on friday (13 july 2018) for a talk "conversations about digital background art" followed by a live demo of his painting process.
nicholas shared how he begun as an artist much like any of our students and how he pushed his artwork to the next level each time, what his processes were and areas that he honed in to improve.
the ltm-1 was filled to the brim with students even taking seats at the aisles. while doing his demonstration, nicholas answered the many questions that students have asked thru the registration form for this talk and fielded live questions from the audience!
typically his paintings with gorgeous details would take alot longer to finish but nicholas did a great job showing his process and finishing his painting in the midst of answering questions! we thank nicholas for taking time to come back to sidm for this insightful talk and demo!
check out this live video of the full talk :) https://www.facebook.com/sidmnyp/videos/2225673744114145/

for more of his brilliant artwork:

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The outback filmmaking bootcamp is held in conjunction with the vision splendid outback film festival in winton, queensland, 1400 km west of brisbane, and attended by some of the world’s prominent film schools.
during the bootcamp, students experienced the outback, cultural activities, masterclasses and festival screenings while developing a film for potential submission in the festival itself. the main organizer of the bootcamp is griffith university.
two year 3 animation students from sidm, nur khairina and vivian lim, attended the bootcamp along with fellow filmmaking students from griffith university, nanyang technological university, hong kong academy for performing arts, tokyo university of the arts and the university of new south wales.
in developing their project, they gathered inspiration from winton’s history and environment to assemble a pre-production proposal for an animation short film. griffith film school lecturers peter moyes and ashley burgess, as well as invited lecturer katharine nicholls from falmouth university guided the students in the project.
during the bootcamp, the students spent a couple of nights camping in the outback, and also visited cultural places of interest such as the age of the dinosaurs museum, the rangelands and the waltzing matilda centre. real dinosaur bones were seen, stunning outback landscapes and colorful sunsets were experienced. to top it off, wild kangaroos were also witnessed.
the outback film festival lasts about a week and festival films were screened from day to night in the open-air cinema. the students had the opportunity to converse with festival filmmakers and actors after the film screenings and during “breakfast with the stars” every morning. as a finale, film students who have produced their films during the bootcamp have the opportunity to screen their film in the festival’s closing night.

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Hulkbuster by winston koh (@wk_creative ) from motion graphics and broadcast design year 3. winston did the rendering, lighting, texturing and composition for this piece! πŸ’ͺ
hulkbuster from the avengers series. ...
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Our sidm alumnus jackson aw (@thejacksonaw ) , who is listed in forbes30 under 30 asia list 2018 and founder of mighty jaxx (@mightyjaxx ) , a multi-million dollar company that specializes in developing art collectibles came back to nyp to share his journey and how he paved his way to his successes. jackson shed light to his many experiences biting the bullet and taking risks, making mistakes and pushing forward.
his candid sharing was inspiring! thank you jackson for taking the time to come down to nyp to share!

this talk was organised by the nyp entrepreneurship club! (@nypentrepclub )
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✨reminder! next friday! ✨
register at⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://tinyurl.com/serenasidm

serena gan (@serenaelle ), creative producer at disney digital network, also our alumnae, will be sharing what they do at disney digital network and the important role our sidm interns play in their team. “our creative interns play a vital role in developing the company’s high-quality storytelling in digital-first formats within social media and online channels, from conceptualizing digital marketing campaign ideas, to production management, to creating and editing short-form videos and images harnessing a variety of creative methods from stop motion animation to motion graphics.
in this talk, we will have a deeper look at what goes on behind the magic of disney and how you can take part in it!” 27th july 2018 . friday . 400pm – 500pm
sidm blk m ltm-1

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Hisham taufik (@hishamtaufik ) from animation loves to practice his lighting skills in the weekends and this is his practice piece "woke" where he experiments with cinematic lighting.

check out more of his work: https://www.artstation.com/hishamtaufik ...
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Once again, students from the school of interactive and digital media (sidm) took part in the “passion arts festival 2018” that was held at the open area outside of courts at toa payoh central on july 15. this year, the event was launched with our senior minister of state, mr chee hong tat gracing the official opening.
with the mentoring from sidm alumnus dan wong (@danwongzijian ) , fourteen sidm students exercised their creativity over the course of three weekends to illustrate the concept of a whimsical wonderland onto various bedroom’s furniture such as a bookshelf, wardrobe and small cupboards. besides exercising their creativity, the students also had fun bonding with each other too! even volunteers from the public joined in the project as well!
this opportunity have certainly brought a lot of joy to sidm and the school is happy to be able to contribute to the community again!
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5 animation year 3 students from sidm were given the opportunity to produce the opening clip for campus party!
for those who may not know, campus party is a technology and digital media industry event where individuals from institutions and companies get together to share their newest technology and innovations over a camp. and this is the first time that campus party is held in asia!

over the course of 12 weeks, these students worked together and contributed equally from pre-production, production to post production stage. a lot of research and brainstorming was done during the pre-production stage, and the students came up with the concept that relies on symbolism in motion graphics style to tell the story. with this film, the students hope that the people will be inspired and be positive about future technology.

the students involved are woo seik yee, queenie kee, tan xiao han, hafeesutheen and isabel lim.

check out the following video for an interview of the students and this album for some moments at @campuspartysingapore

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