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@officialanthonybest @tundeednut @mr.jollof_ @brodashaggi_fanpage @basketmouth @lasisielenu @kelvinsapp @officialbovi @correctbae @correctbro1 @datwarrigirl see why we need to go collect our primary and secondary school fees back?
i bet it that so many of you do not know the meaning of i.e, e.g and newspaper.... dm me for the answers if you don't know it.
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3 46 November 2018
It's been a while with sonship😎😎
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It's been a while with @edirinsmith04
if you never buy your ticket, hurry up and go get yours now.... bros @buchicomedian will be there to rearrange broken marriages and relationships in the laughter.... bros @igosave (aka jite) will be there to tell the noise makers "shut up, will you keep quiet??? what about oga @senatorcomedian (aka chief), him don bring the title to cape town to crown @edirinsmith04 cos nor be small thing edirin and the gangs wan do that day....
nigerian cripples don hear say ur show fit make them waka,
deaf say u talk am say them go talk after your show..... my brother if you see the way embassy do full bcos of this ur show with disabled pipo ehnnnn, you go fear 😱... buy your tickets 🎟 oooo.... i nor wan hear say ticket nor reach you oooo.... #october_21st_go_hear_word....
1 17 September 2018
Smith da slayer....
man wey get plenty mouth
d'bone kraka.... got dis for ur show....
october must hear word....
3 32 September 2018
If you want an angel, create a heaven....
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Birthdays do comes once in a year and it come with its own abundance of blessings.... happy to the boy that i have been and the man i am becoming..... a great thanks to god almighty for all his blessings upon my life and his unending grace for me to see this day and celebrate it as well.

this day shall pave ways for the rest of days here on earth with all heavenly blessings. i am blessed already to be part of the month of perfection. lord be praised..... #birthday_boy #happy_birthday_to_me....
16 48 August 2018
Practical example of small girl with her big god....
if you know you know.....
2 38 August 2018
What went wrong?😒😰😭
in the early years of my christian walk as a youth,

1. fridays night were met for vigils in the church

2. youth convention was purely for prayers, fasting, bible study, and edifying activities

3. as a single when you are going to visit an opposite s*x you don't dare go alone

4. when your pastor scolds you, you bow your head in tears for being a source concern to him

5. we don't purchase any clothe we can't wear to church

6. during youth programmes we engage in activities like draw your sword, bible quizzes

7. every saturday was for evangelism
8. we were mobile bibles as we could quote tens of scriptures by heart

8. we don't dare leave our houses for church without a bible

9. we arrive church hours before service to prepare the church

10. virginity was dignity to us and not lack of opportunity

do i have witnesses out there!!! what went wrong, 😭 😭😭 where did we missed it?

where are the youth of my generation! can there still be revival again?

i hear the lord say to me:
revelation 2:5 remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else i will come
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Take a view from the top and see what it's like to remain below.... transvance like a travadol and don't give up on your dreams.
the big picture is wen u wake up from your slumber and grind....
2 29 June 2018
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