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Miles with application. branch trains back at destination hitting some of his stronger weights building his strength back up. he’s gained 20lb since his lowest bodyweight post surgery. so making his way back to his old strength in preparation for the upcoming iron world tour in copenhagen, london and sweden what better way than to tell you all how it went down when branch originally came to sweden with gasp 10 a few years later won the british grand prix and trained with dorian in birmingham.
miles and years of badass experience because it was f..king earned!

@thebranchwarren @thedorianyates
full video at the link in bio.
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Sometimes you have to bite the bullet! meaning doing what you need to do, not what you want to do! @hunterlabrada
bite the bullet so you can “dig in.”
wishing hunter labrada a full and speedy healing process from shoulder surgery.
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Gut check! that’s what any legit leg day should be!
happy birthday to this guy.
get all of his mentality, training info and training motivation typical of guy at the link in the bio.

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Leg day... when that pain sets in.
that’s when you can tell how bad someone really wants it.
how bad do you want to win, progress or get ahead?
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The look on your face when “every week is getting better.” we continue with johnnie jackson and josh bryant brining you a real and raw 8 week deadlift series. full episode at the link in bio.
@johnnieojackson @jailhousestrong
this is everything you need to know about the conventional deadlift. download the program at the end of the series. #gasp #gaspofficial #nocompromises #deadlift
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Under a ton of pressure?
adapt! get more efficient. get stronger. get faster. get better! @johnnieojackson @jailhousestrong
episode 4 of the 8 week deadlift protocol coming soon! gaspofficial.com
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“win the day.”
when the days add up, big things happen!
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Your expectations of yourself are only insane if you yourself don’t believe them. @mrusa2017
full video at the link in bio.
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“fuck off strong.” this type of strength is built.
proud to have @the_muscle_doc on board!
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“do the necessary.”
doing just that everyday!

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“there’s a balance of confidence of coming for the title and also being humble. me wanting the competitors to be hungry and at their best means i have to step my game up.” what does it take to be the champion?
stay tuned and see!

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Do you test your limits?
heavy as f..k training and pushing your own physical limits has transference outside of the gym!
always bet on yourself!
stay tuned for more from marcus salomonsson!
link to full video in bio!
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