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All we are saying is give peace ✌️ a chance.
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Shuuuu naso them bring soup wey dey boil inside plate o....#warri bros @aycomedian na banga soup o #warrifood #warriexperince
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Jamming up @frankrichboy
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I remind myself every year on this special day how blessed i am, to have been given another year to experience the
wonders of this beautiful world. god is good. my birthday is a day i cherish and love. #zeya ❤🍧🍹🍰✌✌
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Behold @shekukannehmason who stole the show at the #royal_wedding . i am coming for that polka dot socks. bless up bro more blessings
#royal_wedding #blacks_rock
0 15 May 2018
Tobo g ❤❤ so jovial and friendly more blessings bro. @tobibakre
7 113 May 2018
Wet morning 🌊🌊☔☔
3 64 May 2018
Give it a try 👍👍
0 9 April 2018
When your shadow dance shaku shaku with you..
buhari holiday in lasgidi...
happy celebration all
3 72 March 2018
Too much sauce.🔥🔥✌✌
0 92 March 2018
Please brethren kindly help a brother make a choice.
@vandora_vandora or @officialfrancesca_e 📷@fegor_abade 💄@magictouch_makeova
28 124 March 2018