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Parley for the Oceans
Enter: snot-collecting drone.
scenes from our parley snotbot noninvasive whale research expedition in gabon, africa, are featured on tonight’s episode of ‘the equator from the air’ 🐋 @bbctwo - 8:00 pm gmt+1

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Parley for the Oceans
The #fridaysforfuture movement launched by @gretathunberg continues today with another youth-led global climate strike.

all are welcome. just saying.

what’s your reason?

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Parley for the Oceans
Humans are destroying nature at unprecedented rates. if we keep this up, we have no future. it’s time to change the way we see our world — and our place within it.

for #biodiversityday (may 22), we caught up with underwater photographer, diver and sailor helen brierley (@helenmb ), whose images of life in the inky depths challenge the viewer to reconsider who is the true “other” in a world foreign yet essential to the civilization that threatens it.

dive in at the bio link 🦑🌌✨
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Parley for the Oceans
What’s your take on the new #alphaedge 4d parley for the oceans edition? let us know in the comments.

available starting june 8 – #worldoceansday
from our @oceanplastic® prototypes to ultraboost and nmd editions, #adidasparley has pioneered the use of upcycled 🌊 materials. the alphaedge 4d incorporates upcycled marine debris – a new symbol of change, driving the movement forwards ♾ #parleyair
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Parley for the Oceans
Who remembers their first time in the ocean?

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Parley for the Oceans
Sunday school: the wonderful world of bannerfish. also, mark your calendars 🐠🗓 june 1st is the inaugural and much-needed world reef awareness day. three suggestions for honoring it:

swap chemical sunscreens for mineral alternatives
avoid plastics wherever possible
skip the meat at meal time

#worldreefday #parleyair
video footage: david hannan / ocean ark alliance
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Parley for the Oceans
“drink in the beauty and wonder at the meaning of what you see.” - rachel carson

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Parley for the Oceans
Get out.

186 countries have reached an agreement to monitor and track movements of plastic waste outside their borders, with the aim of reducing the amount of plastic currently being exported and dumped. almost every country has signed up - minus the us.

it’s been a big week for plastic news all around. catch up in #stateoftheoceans, live at the bio link + in our story.

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Parley for the Oceans
¡gracias! to this tiny yet mighty cleanup crew in mahahual, méxico. swipe for #mood.

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Parley for the Oceans
@corona x parley teamed up with @wsl this week to spotlight the issue of marine plastic pollution during the corona bali pro-tected surf event in keramas, from may 13-25.

yesterday we kicked off the activation with a cleanup, parley talks, and the release of limited edition corona x parley reusable bags made from ocean plastic®, designed in collaboration with @stephaniegilmore @gabrielmedina @nando_nandez @speto @rosyhodge and @mrseaves101.

20,000 reusable bags will be donated to @makeachangeworld for distribution to communities, in partnership with local organizations who are leading the charge against plastic pollution: bye bye plastic bags, diet kantong plastic, divers clean action, clean action network indonesia and greeneration foundation.

anyone can purchase a bag at wslstore.com. each one funds the donation of 3 additional bags and the removal of more than 20 bottles worth of plastic debris.

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Parley for the Oceans
If most life on the planet we named earth exists in the oceans, are we the true aliens here?

humans owe immeasurable debts to species we’ve never even heard of. the more we know, the better we can protect. let’s hear it for the salps! 👽 🙌
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Parley for the Oceans
Rhythms of our life-giving ecosystem. giant manta ray and fish at night, north ari atoll, maldives

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