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Parley for the Oceans
“keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.” - mary oliver

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Parley for the Oceans
According to global estimates, at least 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year from eating or being entangled in plastic pollution. we can stop this. working together is key.
avoid. intercept. redesign.

take action at the bio link.

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Parley for the Oceans
Life-threatening plastic sea dragon πŸ‰ what do you see?

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Parley for the Oceans
Let’s put plastic pollution in the penalty box πŸš¨πŸ’ @adidashockey and the @nhl join the movement with the first-ever hockey jerseys made from @oceanplastic.

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Parley for the Oceans
Play for the oceans, bondi icebergs pool, sydney
january 10, 2019

yesterday we celebrated the launch of the first @adidastennis collection made from @oceanplastic and designed to protect our oceans through eco-innovation. we transformed an iconic pool into a tennis court - which will be donated to a local school for continued use. creators united and played for a bigger cause. 🌊next stop: melbourne, where some of the world's top athletes will represent the oceans during the 2019 australian open.

thank you for being a part of this:

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Parley for the Oceans
This scene looks a little different today.
play for the oceans 🎾🌊 #adidasparley @adidastennis (more in our story)
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Parley for the Oceans
From the coast to the court, we must work together to protect our oceans. @alexzverev123 joins forces with former olympic swimmer and marine biologist @coralie_balmy to share the message behind the sportswear.
with the new @adidastennis x parley collection, we’re bringing the movement to end marine plastic pollution to the 2019 australian open

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Parley for the Oceans
In partnership with @adidastennis, we’re turning the 2019 australian open into a campaign for the oceans.

the latest adidas x parley collection made from @oceanplastic champions eco-innovation and the movement to end marine plastic pollution.

big thanks for serving the cause, @carowozniacki @alexzverev123 @garbimuguruza @domithiem @angie.kerber

#adidasparley #parleyair 🎾🌊
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Parley for the Oceans
“whaling as a ‘legal’ industry has ended. all that remains is to mop up the pirates.” - @captainpaulwatson

over the holidays, the japanese government confirmed it will restart commercial whaling in july and exit the international whaling commission (iwc). this will end its so-called scientific whaling (“research”) in the antarctic region, and limit the country’s catch to seas near japan and its exclusive economic zone.

does the move signal disaster or victory for whales and their defenders in the southern ocean?

@seashepherd has worked for years to stop whalers and poachers on the high seas. read founder paul watson’s take on why japan’s departure from the iwc is a good thing and catch up on other ocean news in this week’s #stateoftheoceans. follow the bio link.

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Parley for the Oceans
Jumbo silo bags packed full of intercepted marine plastic debris. one way to support more of this in 2019: shop.parley.tv
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Parley for the Oceans
We are all connected and dependent upon the health and stability of the oceans. when you make your resolutions, keep the planet’s life support system in mind. happy new year ✨
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Parley for the Oceans
“video has no sound.” this magical scene is incomplete.🎢 humpback whales are among the world’s greatest singers and composers.

audio wizards – we invite you to make music with the whales using the call of a humpback recorded during the latest parley snotbot expedition in gabon, africa.

learn more and join parley missions at takeaction.parley.tv

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