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Yes i am in my llama pjs 😂. been back to yoga tonight so feeling achey but good definitely ready for bed 💤 #tiredeyes #pjtime #happygirl #weightlossjourney #yogagirl
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Couldn't work out what i wanted for lunch so soup and sandwich it is #myfitnesspaljourney #myfitnesspaluk #weightlossjourney
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Couldn't work out what i wanted for lunch so random combination it is 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 root veg mash, mixed veg, thai flavour chicken and curry sauce. got my tea prepped for work later so i stay on track 💪 #myfitnesspaluk #myfitnesspaljourney #weightlossjourney #mfplunch
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Me on a daily basis 🙋🙈😂
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Thoroughly enjoyed my lunch today 🤤 chicken, mange tout, peppers, sweet chilli sauce and salad. nom #myfitnesspaljourney #myfitnesspaluk #weightlossjourney
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Literally can't get out my car my abs and legs are on fire 😭 loved today's session despite my complaining 😂 all going to be worth it though 🤞💪 #gymmotivation #legdayproblems #absworkout
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Gym this morning then marathon run around the village with fluffy bums. safe to say my arms are a bit achey 🙈😂 #gymlife #doggymama #exercisemotivation
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Have you even been to the gym if you don't take a picture 🙄😂 after my week off i needed to get my arse in gear. not properly back to using #myfitnesspal until tomorrow as got a pre planned lunch 🐷 but anyway had a fab time away and ready to sort myself out 💪 ps these @sony headphones are amazing 😁🤓 #myfitnesspaljourney #gymgear #allthegearnoidea #newheadphones
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This will be me next week as on holiday from work now 😁🐷 #holidayvibes #gymlife #funnygympost
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New present to myself for the gym 😍 since skye chewed my last pair 😂 they did only cost me £10 so better keep these ones high up 🙈😂 #sonyheadphones #gymgear
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When the chef's at work are little gems 😍 chicken, salad, peppers, mange tout and sweet chilli sauce 😋 #weightlossjourney #myfitnesspaljourney #myfitnesspaluk
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Gym session done and breakfast with a few girlies from work. now time to get ready to brave the snow and try to not die on my way to work 🙈😂 feeling good even if my legs can't hold my body and my arms don't reach up anymore 🏋️‍♀️😂 #weightlossjourney #workout #myfitnesspaljourney #gymtherapy
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