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I don't know if there is a better way to spend a rainy saturday morning..
5 165 18 hours ago
Boys will be boys.. this little legend will follow me just about into anything.. #mansbestfriend #beach #sanddunes #bringintheswell #3rdtimenotsolucky #thatlaughthough
25 529 6 days ago
As i sat on the hammock drinking a smoothie my mind was a complete mess. thinking, contemplating, running lost with stories. i'm not sure how long i remained there; totally immersed in a mind as wild as a river rapid. moving no where with thought simply remaining in my own self-condemning mood. when i began to notice thousands of tiny bugs flying erratically metres from my face. the kind of insects that come out after rain and you don't realise they are there till you walk through the swarm, taking a couple of hundred casualties in your mouth and eyes. they completely took my attention and in that moment i forgot my thoughts and plunged into the hypnotic trance of their daily going's. i'd focus on one in particular, following its journey for a short moment until it vanished back into the conformity of its others. another would emerge and in turn disappear again. after a few minutes the group began to lift until they all disappeared against the backdrop of the twilight sky. then this very image appeared. it was there all along. blocked by my own erratic mind i had spiralled so far from the beauty that remained in the present moment. these little insects were the representation of my mind and as i was too close to acknowledge this for myself and correct it they offered me that opportunity. they dissipated and in their place left behind the greatest gift of all. a free mind. we aren't always vigilant or in our best states of mind. but the beauty of nature and the stillness that resides in presence of mind is always waiting to embrace us. breathe now! #fridayvibes #breathe #insects #nature #teaching #personalgrowth #blessings #trees #love #rain
11 242 4 weeks ago
Ishaala being offered up to @thelyrical gods last night at @hotelbrunswick. 🎵"i just can't wait for her to be queen"🎶 ps. i think simba may get jealous with this video.. 🐶🐕🦁 #musicforthesoul #thelyrical #music #dance #lion #lionking #lionqueen #hotelbrunswick #brunswickheads
19 291 last month
A journey to say the least. this year has undoubtedly been my biggest, most significant, life changing 12 months of my life. starting the year traveling across the snowy mountains of japan, to finding out that seriya and i were going to become parents. to setting an intention to buy a house and months later moving into that dream home which still is word for word what we put out to the universe. from holding meditation and sound healing events reaching over 1000 new people, connecting with like minded and conscious legends who want to create better futures for themselves and others. to diving head first into sacred men's work which has opened the door for me to connect and grow relationships with amazing men all across the world; not to mention actually looking at my own masculine qualities, understanding them deeper and continuing to work on who i am as a man. to surfing with whales, dolphins, eagle rays and all kinds of fish. to reconnecting old relationships and committing to stay in my truth with new and old friends and family. the moment i first laid eyes on my gorgeous daughter. a year full of smiles and laughs with my fury son simba. the sweat, tears, times of severe choice and big boy decisions. it is hard to believe all this occurred in this short time. lessons - yes blessings - hell yes! growth, change, love and expansion. i am totally here and ready to bring on 2018 and all that comes to fruition in the days, hours, minutes and every second. my greatest take away from this year; you can achieve anything you set your intentions toward. focus and vision are key but conscious work is integral. believe in yourself, trust those bold decisions and take the step! big love to you all from the rainbow family. #newyear #blessings #growth #family #love
39 820 last month
I still get this funny feeling in my heart every time i say daughter. pretty special! here's to many more days spent at the beach together; hanging, surfing and laughing. #beach #summer #summervibes #papasgirl #daughter #baby #sandykisses
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Do the things that make your heart sing, spend your time with those who you love most and everyday will feel like a dream. #beach #handstands #frothing #puppy #summer #sunnyskies #happydays #love
16 474 December 2017
Nothing ever could have prepared me for this experience. no advice, no stories, no book. to feel this love is like nothing else. an unspeakable experience where no words could do it justice. simply amazing. #daddysgirl #love #baby #speachless
39 1,120 November 2017
Date night out with @akshayahealing done right with some sweet tunes provided by @joshleehamilton and delicious mex served up at @misamigospottsville if you are around the p***y area this place is a must stop! great food, vibes and sangria 😍 #mexican #food #pottsville #music #musicforthesoul #datenight
2 137 November 2017
They say you don't make friends with salad; but how about fruit salad!? #fruit #breakfast #organic #deliecious #nutrition #startthedayright #feelinfruity
18 414 November 2017
Someone asked me the other day how simba was adjusting to having a little sister.. i think these pictures sum it up pretty well. i wonder if they realise they will be best friends yet? #simba #puppylove #baby #babylove #bestfriends #siblings #newkidonthebloke #needabiggerbed
16 409 November 2017
'when i saw you for the first time my heart skipped a beat. when i held you for the first time i was swept off my feet. with the first time i was embraced with your touch, nothing in this world seemed to matter quite as much. your smile, your eyes, your heart and your soul. all of these combined leaves me feeling whole. to describe my feelings i cannot entirely portray. simply watch my actions, feel my love, i will show you everyday. ishaala mary rainbow this world is your mould. for you to create, live and laugh, your dreams i will hold. with opportunities as endless as the rising sun, daddy will support you and stand by you until each of these are won. my girl, i knew not of this tenderness until you took your first breath. on this infinite journey, my love for you has no depth. from today to tomorrow and those that come and go. my love for you is endless, little miss ishaala mary rainbow.' born at 10.25pm on thursday the 26th of october both mum @akshayahealing and bub are healthy and happy. a big shout out to all the amazing support, countless messages and positive vibes. every single one of those has been felt even if you haven't received a reply. we have utilised this time to go completely inwards to devote this time to each other and of course our daughter. i know some of you reading this are hanging out to meet ishaala but please be patient as we don't want to rush anything on her just yet. sending lots of love and a tonne of gratitude from my heart to yours. big love.
61 1,007 November 2017
Today seriya is officially 16 days overdue. this of course was not part of 'our plan' but is something we have needed to be flexible with and trust none the less. with the support of a really strong medical team, seriya and i have decided we will continue the pregnancy for a little longer and allow our bub to come earthside without medical intervention. of course, seriya and our baby's health is paramount and worth more to us than a rigid plan or moral ideal and this is something that is being monitored closely. as seriya is completely offline, i have been receiving countless calls, texts, messages and emails touching in from our amazing friends, family's and colleagues. firstly i would like to thank each of you for the thoughts and for reaching out. i will however kindly ask to please be patient in a reply, even not to expect one at this stage. i know many of you are hanging out to know what is happening, wanting to help and have an input but at this time your best help will simply be holding us in your thoughts and sending lots of positive energy. i am not needing anything that distracts me from being 100% with seriya at the moment and replying back to countless messages, even though they are amazing takes me away from being present. you will updated as soon as there is news to be updated with. again, a big thank you for all the support and thoughts. please just hold space for us from afar and let's all call in this bub together. big love.
27 451 October 2017
Simba had a hair cut on saturday and is embracing the fact he looks more like a goat now by climbing trees. climb goaty climb! #dogvgoat #hairdressersgotoshort #simba #treeclimber #goatlife #abadhaircutonlylastsaweek #sleekandclean
7 243 October 2017
Simba watching the morning fly by. enjoying brekky with some of the locals in the back yard this morning. i get so excited when a new species of bird flies in for a feed. #crazybirdman #bird #breakfast #simba #garden #homeisthesanctuary
13 219 October 2017
'i am one with the earth that keeps turning. one with the stars that shine. one with the waves of the ocean. one with the light that i see in your eyes ~ @luluandmischka we all live underneath the same sun, the same moon and the same sky. we all stand on the same earth and we all breath the same air. let's stand together to build each other up not fight to bring each other down. sending love to where ever you need it today. big love! #sunrise #byronbay #firstlight #music #life #ocean #waves #oneness #together
12 292 October 2017
When you can't venture too far from home on the weekend because you are waiting for the baby to arrive, one starts to get creative in other ways. whipped up this little vege garden today, now time to get planting! birthing creations in the back yard setting the example for the bub to follow. hurry up daddy wants to meet you! #patience #learningnumber1 #vege #vegegarden #organic #homemade #passingtimeduringcountdown
8 209 October 2017
I've got the whole hang out in a hammock and entertain thing down so surely the rest of parenting can't be too hard. @akshayahealing i am ready to become a papa! count-down is on. #baby #babypractice #bringiton #hammock #hammocklife #lazysundays
11 648 October 2017
Saturday is harvest day! going absolutely banana's over our home grown bunch! it is an incredible and theraputic feeling to grow your own food. something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. #banana #homegrown #organic #fresh #farmboy #iactuallycutmyfingerjustafterthisphoto #notquiteafarmer #home
14 324 September 2017
Sailing with my main man. love you simba #mansbestfriend #simba #puppylove #dog #sailing #whoisthecaptain
12 327 September 2017