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Ogni anima gusterà la morte, ma riceverete le vostre mercedi solo nel giorno della resurrezione. chi sarà allontanato dal fuoco e introdotto nel paradiso, sarà certamente uno dei beati, poiché la vita terrena non è che ingannevole godimento. (3/185)
muradiye medresesi, bursa, turkey
gear: @fujifilmtr xh-1 | xf 16-55mm f/2.8 wr
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çamlıca'dan boğazın öbür ucuna 🙃
İyi akşamlar 🙋‍♂️
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Güzel akşamlar!
kış aylarının vazgeçilmezi olan krem ve losyonlar hepimizin çantasında, odasında, masasında ya da her yerde!
benim de çantamda olanlar @arkonemtr 'nin değerli yağlar serisi' nden el, vücut ve yüz losyonları!
normal tüp kremler göre daha kullanmıştı olduğunu düşünüyorum; tek bir sıkışta bile gerekli nemi sağlıyor ve birkaç saat boyunca ihtiyacınız olmuyor. günün her saatinde yanımdalar, kokuları da mis!
@denebunucom @arkonemtr
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Hayat şu tart kekten daha lezzetli♥️
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Kimse kimsenin yerini alamaz.
ancak siz isterseniz o yeri verirsiniz.💎

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Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.
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As a young motocross racer, adam jones (@adamjones760 ) practiced for his professional freestyle career long before he knew it would be his path.⁣

“my favorite part of racing used to be doing the biggest jumps i could on all the tracks,” says the eight-time x games medalist, who is known for his signature backflip combinations. “i’ve always loved being in the air.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photo of @adamjones760 by @justin_brunnerphotography
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Ricky glaser (@rickyglaser ) regularly skates the many (skate) parks of his native melbourne, but he loves to skate out in the streets, too. “finding obstacles not designed for skating on can be a fun challenge and spark new creative ideas,” says the 28-year-old professional skateboarder, who has been skating since the age of 8. “when you’ve skated for as long as i have and have done so many different tricks, it can be fun to completely change your approach with an external prop like a skipping rope,” he says. 🛹#thisweekoninstagram ⁣ ⁣

video of @rickyglaser by @andrewszczurko
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#hellofrom the republic of karelia, russia, where the ruskeala express, a world famous retro steam train, escapes every day from the city of sortavala to ruskeala mountain park. 🚂🏔✨ ⁣ ⁣

photo by @yaroslav_shuraev
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The ⭐️s are aligned in chicago, as the windy city hosts the 2020 @nba all-star weekend. this year, we’re on the ground with @trailblazers point guard @damianlillard. while a recent injury is preventing the five-time all-star from participating in the 3-point contest and the all-star game, dame took center stage on saturday night, rocking the mic under his hip-hop persona dame d.o.l.l.a. 🎤.

check out today’s story to experience all-star weekend. 🏀
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On this #valentinesday edition of #weeklyfluff, it’s all about the snuggles. ❤️❤️❤️⁣

just ask tabby cat yosma (@mrsmiyav ) and her feathered friends who love to take a nap together.⁣

video by @mrsmiyav
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For @mekdeskissi and @joshuakissi, it was love at first like. ❤️⁣

the married couple met on instagram in 2014 after joshua’s photography account magically popped up on mekdes’ explore page. ✨⁣

“when we first met each other on instagram, our exchanges were in good fun,” mekdes says. “it wasn’t until we became friends first that we explored anything more than that.”⁣

last year, the couple tied the knot and celebrated with three ceremonies to honor each other’s ethiopian and ghanaian cultures.⁣

video by @mekdeskissi
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Today on our story, lexi (@lexisbrumback ) and gabi (@gabibutler1617 ) from @netflix’s “cheer” experience their first new york fashion week. ✨ 👠💖 👠⁣⁣

they attended @brandonmaxwell and @toryburch — and got to see and taste some of ny’s finest. 🍕
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We’re on set with artist j balvin (@jbalvin ) as he shoots the video for the song “rojo” off his upcoming album “colores.” 🔥🔥🔥⁣ ⁣

“it’s a really intense video with a lot of feeling, and i know you’re going to love it,” says josé. ❤️⁣

it’s out on february 27, so go behind the scenes now on our igtv.
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Go behind the scenes of the video for “rojo” — a song from artist j balvin (@jbalvin ) off his upcoming album “colores.”⁣

“you’re gonna feel the red everywhere,” says josé. “it’s a really intense video with a lot of feeling, and i know you’re going to love it.”
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“i can still remember the mix of excitement, hope, anxiety and fear that accompanied me everywhere i went during my first year of college,” says former first lady michelle obama (@michelleobama ). 💫💫💫 ⁣

“if i could tell the girl in this photo one thing, it would be slow down and take a breath — you’ve got this. and that’s exactly what i want to say to all of you out there who are just starting college. you’ve got this, and i cannot wait to see where your journey takes you and everything you learn and achieve along the way.” 🙌🙌🙌 ⁣

join mrs. obama and four first-year college students in “a year of firsts,” a new igtv series from @attndotcom and @reachhigher all about the first year of college. check out the first episode, live now on @attndotcom . 💫 ⁣

photo by kenny bruce
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Colette stubbings’ (@hallofstars ) “petal armor” started as a way to cope with anxiety. “i began wrapping my fingers in petals i collected from my dad’s garden. the process calmed me and made me curious about what other functional forms and designs these natural materials could mimic,” she says. 🌸🌱🌺 ⁣

“i only use the plant parts themselves and then a spool of thread, binding layers to my hand by wrapping them as tightly as i can.”⁣

photo by @hallofstars
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