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Ryan Flaherty
Since the dawn of time, mankind has felt three primal urges. eat - reproduce - get beer sponsor.

well today, rubbin the f*t bbq are pleased to announce that we have completed the trifecta with @illawarrabrew coming on board. if you haven't tried their beer, you're missing out. but fear not, your chance will be waiting for you at our next comp. (or just pop in and grab some from them directly). #killingit #ytb #mostsponsoredteamthatsnevercompeted #winningatlife #beer4theboys #beer #beertime #showerbeers #meatandbeer #thefarm
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Ryan Flaherty
Rubbin the f*t bbq are stoked to announce coast wide skip services as a supporting partner.
if you need rubbish removal services on the nsw south coast hit them up.

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Ryan Flaherty
Rubbin the f*t bbq are fired up to announce @firebrandbbq as our official fuel sponsor.

we've been using firebrand for ages because it's the best. now they're on board to help us fire out the best results at comp.

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Ryan Flaherty
A fantastic looking dirty bird knocked up by big boy @tysoneagleton with lanes garlic2, sesame seeds and cooked over firebrand charcoal
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Ryan Flaherty
Thanks for all the love people. the stickers have been a huge hit.
so much so that the first batch is just about out. fear not though, theres more on the way.

in saying that, we will be introducing a new pricing system - free for swaps, otherwise aud$2 each plus postage.

sending these little beauties all over the world - nz, usa, canada, germany to name a few, really adds up. this way we will have more funds for comp practice and the really important stuff - beer.
thank you for your understanding.
4 64 July 2018


Ryan Flaherty
Burnt ends have to be the best bit of meat in the world. crunchy exterior, soft rich interior and just soooooo d**n tasty.

doing a bit of comp practice on the @proqaus

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5 116 May 2018


Ryan Flaherty
A snap from judging meatstock aba bbq wars yesterday. i had an absolute blast tasting q from the best teams around the country.

what surprised me was the variety of the hand in's. some were solid 9/10's and others were lucky to get a 5.

the aim of this for us was to try as much different comp bbq as possible to ascertain where we are and how our q compares. we were very happy to learn that were not too far off on taste and texture in most categories.

the biggest learning curve will be trying to do it in a carpark or field instead of the comfort of our own house.
1 55 May 2018