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National Geographic Travel
last month
natgeotravel Photo by @babaktafreshi, the world at night. the milkyway, our home galaxy of several hundred billion stars, gleams in all its splendor, as seen from la silla observatory in the southern outskirts of the atacama desert, chile. the clear, high altitude dry desert air provides a perfect home for the la silla, operated by the european southern observatory (eso), where the 3.6-meter new technology telescope (ntt) makes its nightly rounds of the sky's far reaches. the telescope rests between the open doors in the photo. the milky way spans more than 100,000 light-years across, putting earth in the cosmic suburbs, some 27,000 light-years away from the brightly glowing center of the galaxy, seen at the center of this image. visible to the left of the milky way is the bright orange star antares at the heart of scorpius (the scorpion). saturn can be seen as the brightest point to the upper left of antares and alpha and beta centauri glow in the upper right of the image. the southern cross (crux) and the coalsack dark nebula are also visible at the upper right corner. follow me @babaktafreshi for more night wonders of the world. @natgeo @natgeocreative #milkyway #astrophotography #observatory #astronomy #chile #atacama
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Jenn Z
last month
thesdcowgirl A couple weeks ago, i mentioned being burnt out. i traveled for two weeks and didn't take my big camera. instead i used only my iphone. but the last two weeks have been pretty great. two proms, and a senior shoot with @__thathorsebackrider_ have me inspired. now, i'm two weeks on the road, and didn't bring my camera (or guitar) only because i didn't have room for if you'd like to sponsor me for a larger trailer i'm open to offers! all joking aside, i'm anxious to see what i'll squeeze out of this phone camera for the next two weeks while #teamblonde is on the road. much love to all of you out there who keep encouraging me! #ig_equine #theviewfromhere #theamericanwest #happy #seniorpictures #seniorportrait #horses #horsesofinstagram #horsesmakemehappy #aqha #aqhaproud #love #mystory #photography #photographer #portraitphotography #hifromsd #sky #cowgirlprincess #cowgirl #princess #igers #instagood #photooftheday
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ELLE Indonesia
last month
elleindonesia Kehadirannya yang misterius di industri musik, ternyata mampu melambungkan namanya ke puncak popularitas dengan ribuan penggemar di dunia. dj yang selalu tampil dengan pakaian berwarna putih lengkap dengan topeng berbentuk marshmallow ini akan segera menyapa pencinta electronic music dance di indonesia pada 27 april 2017 mendatang. dj yang juga pernah menjadi lineup dalam acara 'ultra beach bali' ini, siap menggemparkan the establishment scbd, jakarta, dengan musik dance electronic miliknya. (reporter @__lanina) #elleupdates #elleliestyle #concert #upcomingevent #edm #djmarshmello
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British Vogue
last month
britishvogue Turn up the occasion dressing tempo this spring with a little help from @topshop who are on hand with personal styling appointments to find you the ultimate dress. shop the edit via now #topshopstyle #promo
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Martha Stewart
last month
marthastewart48 Empress tang. constantly on the prowl. up all night. on the bed. off the bed. up the stairs. down the stairs. beautiful tang. #himalayancat #catsofinstagram #catoftheday #catlover #catstagram
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last month
iiswhoiis Velvet and bubbles and christmas lights
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last month
Here's what you #needtoknow on 04/19 from @harrystyles, @starwars, and @alessiasmusic. get these stories and more at and @mtvnews.
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last month
mtvuk Who else can't wait to hear @shawnmendes' new track? 😍 head to for all the info on 'there's nothing holdin' me back' ✌️💕
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last month
cnn Aaron hernandez, the former new england patriots star who was convicted of murder, was found hanged wednesday morning in the massachusetts prison where he was serving a life sentence, officials said. the death of hernandez, 27, comes just days after he was acquitted in a separate m****r case. hernandez “was discovered hanged in his cell by corrections officers at the souza baranowski correctional center in shirley, massachusetts at approximately 3:05 a.m.,” the massachusetts department of correction said. “mr. hernandez was in a single cell in a general population housing. mr. hernandez hanged himself utilizing a bed sheet that he attached to his cell window. mr. hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items." (📷: jared [email protected])
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☆ Welcome To Cat Features ☆
last month
cat_features 🌟🌟🌟 featured pet 🌟🌟🌟 . congratulations @friedalonghair & thank you for tagging #cat_features 👏 . for more pet featuring accounts follow: 🔸 @dog_features 🔹 @instacat_meows 🔸 @meowsandwoofs 🔹 @iganimal_snaps 🔸 @featurecatmeows 🔹 @fabulous__pets . 🌟 photo selected by: @saff_pstm 🌟
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Cat Lovers Club
last month
📽 from @adonisthekitty 😙😙😙😙😙 ~ double tap ❤❤ 🐱🐱shop for cat lovers 👉 @happypetclub bio #catloversclub
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Без кота и жизнь не та
last month
Доход от 15000 рублей каждый [email protected]_vlk Хочешь так же? Тогда заходи👉@indafox_vlk и руби бабло💰🎉💰 Пока одни думают, другие уже зарабатывают💎 [email protected]_vlk [email protected]_vlk 👉@indafox_vlk
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Melbourne Football Club
last month
melbournefc We are proud to present our 2017 anzac guernsey which will be worn in our anzac day eve match against richmond on monday night. click 👆 the link in our bio to purchase your limited edition guernsey at the demon shop.
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Chelsea FC - Official
last month
14x 🏆 for @johnterry.26! check out his remarkable statistical record to date via the link in our profile. 👌#captainleaderlegend #cfc #chelsea
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Arsenal Official
last month
arsenal #onthisday in 2006... #highbury hosted its last ever european fixture. can you remember the score and opposition?
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Ocean Independence
last month
oceanindependence Delicious food on #superyacht at the ecpy open day. come and visit us! #nice #delicious #frenchriviera #cotedazur
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last month
oceana Who are you calling 'snappy'? 📷: shutterstock / pei chung davy #snapperfish
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Oceanic Preservation Society
last month
oceanicpreservationsociety Species around the planet need our help to stop climate change! please join us in taking action for #earthday by clicking the link in the @racingextinction bio ✌️💚🐯 #racingextinction #peoplesclimatemarch
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Audi Fan Page
last month
audi_official #audi #rs6 #avant c7 #performance / #s8 #plus d4 & #r8 #v10 plus - - - - - - follow my partner @carfanaticsmagazine - - - - - - picture by @auditography - - - - - - - - use #audi_official for a repost or like - - - - - - - - #carporn #wheel #cars #love #picoftheday #beautiful #style #instadaily #amazing #repost #fun #smile #cool #instacool #instagramhub #awesome #nice #look #loveit #sensationcars #car
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last month
audicarsworld Let's jump inside the new s5 convertible again. danke an @auto_bierschneider. 📸 @audicarsworld _____________ please follow: @audiengine @audipixs @audi_regram @food4audis _____________ #audi #audicarsworld #quattro #instagood #carlifestyle #audiengine #audipixs #audi_regram #food4audis #instacar #like #likes #love #audisport
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Food tips for a healthy life
last month
foodtipz Double tap if you need that friend too 😂 . #foodtipz
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Food Matters
last month
foodmatters Anyone who reads the word cannabis usually skips straight to picturing bob marley and smoke...🌿💨 it might be time to change this perception, and we want to introduce you to some groundbreaking research to help you open up to a new perspective! new must-read article up on ➡️ follow the link in our bio! #foodmatters
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