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World looks different from this angle..
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The silence is getting louder..
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Got a new roommate 🥴
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Fashion is for losers
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Stressin like always (📸: @itscamcasey )
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🤪 • trapsuits • 🤨
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“my pokémon collection is quite tall...”
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This is weird.. it’s finally over. the memories made in the traphouse are some that i’ll remember for the rest of my life. colby, jake, corey, aaron, and elton you guys will always be family. i just wanted to take a second and say we killed it. we all spent two years of our lives doing the craziest things i can possibly imagine and living a life that kids dream about.

good luck to all of you. this is just the beginning of the trap boys but it’s cool to look back and think what we have all done as a group. here’s to the future! let’s take this world by storm 🤙🏻
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I handcuffed myself to my girlfriend for 24 hours... ‘twas interesting to say the least
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Happy&sad: after 2 years i’m finally moving out. a bitter sweet ending to say the least...

from summoning demons to throwing parties in sam’s room, i will definitely miss this place... here’s to the next chapter!
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Let me do your homework for you

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Freeee at lasttt
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