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Ready for sideshow!
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I thought seattle was supposed to be rainy and emo....
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Congrats @sethcluett on a wonderful exhibit at the @nypl_lpa! it was fun spending some time reading letters, listen to sounds, and ogling test oscillators and tape machines yesterday
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New music stage or black lodge scene 🤔
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Pic from rehearsal with chris gross for our performance of alvin lucier’s “music for cello and one or more amplified vases” at the stone, friday, 8:30pm
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I’m so grateful for @sophiavastek. 6 years today since we went on our first date. ❤️
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Made a major upgrade today from the mixing desk to a standing desk! it’s an easy hack done by placing the road case for the wireless under the mixer. #protip #backpain #audioengineer #selfcare @boulangerinitiative #yamahals9
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Had a ridiculous amount of fun yesterday learning about dry point print making from @rabaxter, you should take her classes!!! here is my series of prints and ghost prints (plus an accidental print on the scrap paper that was in the heat setter) of a design i made using brian eno’s graphic score for music for airports
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Maggie says you should come to the first @organcolossal house show on saturday (or go hear our friend @zernstrongfield with her band @zanandthewinterfolk at @the_linda_performing_arts ) but don’t be lame and stay home saturday night bc there’s so much awesome music happening!!!! (her words)
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#repost @organcolossal with @get_repost
this saturday night! @samtorresnoise and @sophiavastek are kicking off the brand new concerts at 268 with solo sets, drinks, and snacks. sam will perform his original, immersive music for live-processed saxophone, and sophia will perform a solo acoustic set of tba origins. free (with donations most gratefully accepted). if you know what's good for you and aren't planning to come out for this, you should most certainly head over to @the_linda_performing_arts saturday night and catch an amazing show of boss women and their bands. including our favorite o***n colossal friend @zernstrongfield and her @zanandthewinterfolk. you can't go wrong.
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Getting ready to play canticle at the first @organcolossal house concert on saturday!
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