Sam Torres Composer/Saxophonist/Audio Engineer/Electronic Musician/Cat Father https://youtu.be/Pvir1b9tmcQ
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Serious master face
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Wedding lyfe #nofilter
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So excited to hear the peabody community chorus premiere my newest choral piece, “in greeting its own earth,” with text by the transcendent @myrxm8 tonight!
1 20 2 weeks ago
2 premieres in as many days!! tomorrow at 7:30 at emp collective come hear my newest work, “geography,” which is an audio installation created in part by recording sounds made with @pretty_prince.ss fiber artworks (samples of which are pictured here). then friday at 7pm my setting of @myrxm8’s poem “embodiment,” called “in greeting its own earth,” is being performed by the peabody community chorus at peabody! hope to see you at one or both of them
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Incredibly excited for this event coming up on thursday! i hope you can join us :)
1 29 2 weeks ago
Over $4 of string cheese right here courtesy of the j fenimore cooper service area #travel #life
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Back at it
1 35 3 weeks ago
Playing a song by @ironandwinetour on my brand new banjo (that i made and am very excited about)
6 51 3 weeks ago
I literally made a banjo (and it actually works)
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Throwback to last friday and the premiere of my percussion and electronics piece! so grateful for these wonderful performers.
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I’ve specifically been staying away from modular stuff bc i know how into it i would be. just downloaded vcv rack and i was right... gotta get my hands on some modules
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Tonight’s view of @musicofreality’s last event of the season, through the eyes of a child
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