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Last train view pic from yesterday’s ride. no filter
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Setting sun ducks behind a hill (from yesterday’s train ride)
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Not minding this
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Today’s setup in cambridge for the @musicofreality show
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Throwback to michael century’s wavefield synthesis installation “the isle is full of noises” at @empac_rpi last week
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Happy hanukkah to me lol
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Full day here today running 4 performances plus a musical light show in 4 hours for the victorian stroll. gonna be fun
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Different kind of board than usual... running lights tonight for @theklezmatics at @troymusichall
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I never knew @mattmarksmusic personally, but i always admired him. as my musical path changed multiple times in the past 6 years i found myself looking for models of the kind of musical life i wanted to lead, and trying to remember my need for creative outlets and not get completely s****d into working exclusively for others (which i also love, but it’s different). i looked up to matt as a performer and composer, and also as a presence in the music community. i was inspired by his honesty and passion, among other things. when @marykouyoumdjian shared this musician’s pledge a while ago i printed it out and put it on the wall above my synth, so that i could read it frequently. i’ve found myself turning around my from desk a lot recently to re-read parts of it as i struggle to start composing again (i haven’t really “composed” in about 8 months). the pledge and the reminder of matt and his life have helped me immensely in trying to quiet all the self-doubt and insecurity and judgement that comes with composing for me. i’m learning not to worry so much about what box i fit into and just try to be as honest with myself and my music as possible. thank you mary and everyone who was involved with creating this beautiful tribute to matt. i want you all to know that you have been very important to me lately, thank you.
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Get hype
#repost @tiltedarc with @get_repost
we’re back at it! burning the morning oil and revising some oldies but goodies that we’ve never released.
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Up and down
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