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"granite top"
yosemite national park | california
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"into the blue"
eastern sierras | california
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"layer cake"
death valley national park | california
-x-treme climate, x-treme landscape, x-treme beauty.
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"mirror mirror"
banff national park | canada
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coyotes buttes north | arizona
- walking into the waves. an unexpected beauty in the middle of an arizona desert. hoping to explore more natural wonders like this place this year. note: you need to obtain a permit to access this area.
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"sand castles"
cannon beach | oregon
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-that time of the year again to reminisce about the past 12 months. 2018 has definitely been a remarkle year for me. highlights include my first time traveling outside the country in almost a decade and accomplishing a few firsts. definitely made up for the time of not being able to go abroad, from wandering the streets of shanghai solo, to being awestruck by the exotic beauty of bali, to returning to my heartland of cambodia. even visited our northern and southern neighbors of canada and mexico and further explored our beautiful u.s. i also ran my first full marathon, all 26.2 miles, climbed the highest peak in the continental u.s., mt. whitney, cannonballed into a freezing turquoise lake, and bungee jumped of a 100 ft bridge. watched a few friends get married or engaged, reconnected with friends i havent seen in years and made new memories with the usual suspects. of course it wasn't always happy times with the lowest being losing both my grandmothers within four months of each other and having a friend get seriously injured on a hike. but my grandmas lived long full lives and my friend is tough and already out exploring again. looking forward to what 2019 will bring and hope you keep stumbling along with me. have a safe and spectacular new years everyone, cheers!
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"rorschach sunset"
imperial beach | california
- nature comes up with the most brilliant designs. i usually try to not post too many beach sunset photos in a row but we've been having some amazing sunsets/sunrises in san diego lately.
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"christmas x socal"
san diego | california
-palm trees and christmas trees, sunset lights and christmas lights.....this how socal does the holidays. hope everyone has a very merry christmas!
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"fired up"
imperial beach | california
- "clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky." --rabindranath tagore
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"eternal flame"
san diego | california
- my grandma passed away tonight. this comes just less than four months after my maternal grandma left us. just another reminder that the time we have here on this earth is finite so best make the most out of it. experience and share as much as you can, especially with your loved ones. rip grandma. i'll miss you.
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"power lift"
grand staircase-escalante | utah
- just three amigos having a contest to see who's strongest.
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