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Fellow founders ❕we’re thrilled to officially release the schedule for our november 1st @beautystack business summit 🙌🏾 from an afternoon ‘business book club - the reads that changed my thinking’ to a 7pm session on ‘managing your mental health as a founder’ 👩🏽‍💻 this is a 𝐌𝐔𝐒𝐓 𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐃 event for any freelance #beauty, #wellness or #business professional 👀 with guest speakers still to be announced!

...and with just 6️⃣ days left till your early bird discount expires – score an 'all day pass' for just £45 and level up your work post-lockdown as we deep dive into cash 💸 culture 🌐 and comms 💘 early bird tickets linked in @beautystack ’s bio!
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Wise words from #cicero on #friendship true friendship is hard to find when you’re in business or a public figure. if you’re a founder you need a core circle ( or front rower) of people who are *rooting* for you, not waiting to see you fall or criticising from a place of projection, not love. good friends bring you in when they’re on top and don’t abandon you when you’ve hit rock bottom. have you found your front row yet?
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Virtual events have opened up the world to learning and connecting. we are about to launch the capability to list your events on beautystack and get access to our community through our email newsletters and social channels. after the success of our lockdown virtual beauty events, i told the @beautystack crew i didn’t want to hold an event unless it was on our own platform!!! so they wonderfully built it! soon you can sell tickets to workshops, talks and masterclasses and easily link to wherever you are streaming. as winter comes near and more people will be staying indoors, swap the telly for some human connection, even if that happens through the cloud ☁️ if you want to be part of our early bird group and list your beauty, business or wellness event on @beautystack dm the team now! #supportyourlocalbeautypro
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As former wah nails founder and ceo of @beautystack; here's my 5 tried, tested and sharmadean reid approved uk nail techs 💫 want all the goss on the hottest pros and latest beauty & wellness trends? follow me ‘shar’ on the #beautystack app (linked in their bio!) 📲

➡️ @_arjenesisnails (south london) available this week via

➡️ @pprodigioussbeauty (south london) available this week via

➡️ @megs_nails_los (essex) available this week via

➡️ @kaddyfromthewest (west london) available this week via

➡️ @808.nails (north london) available this week via
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Winter werk - if you know me you know that while i love fashion and “product” - especially fun, clever, well designed product - i really really believe we should reuse, rewear, recycle. every winter, i feel so smug about pulling my vacuum packed cases from under my bed and wearing the same old things every year, supplemented with a few new things cos i love clothes. this hat is now a year old and the bag is 3/4 maybe, trousers are 5 years old. shirt stolen from romans dads clothes storage. anything i pull out annually that i’m no longer feeling gets donated to sales and causes. this year i’m taking part in @womenforwomenuk #virtualcarboot on nov 7th and selling a few designer pieces for this brilliant charity! watch this space 💚
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I am mega excited to be interviewing legendary investor (and our investor) robin klein of @localglobevc ✨✨✨ with saul klein, his son, robin has invested in some of europe's biggest technology startups. between them they have backed transferwise, citymapper, tweetdeck, graze, zoopla, songkick, chartbeat, moo and farfetch. for this session i’m going to be asking him the questions instead of the other way around. what would you ask an investor? register for the belonging event at @blacktechfest
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I forgot sound doh! 🤣 - whats your favourite positive affirmation? answers below.
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Nature is cool. my fave colours. zoom in plz
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Choose your future self. this weeks not 💯 but i have all the power to decide what to do from here.
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@mrandydavis partnered with @googleforstartups to open your eyes to the black founder experience. enter the black report - the missing piece of the uk startup ecosystem. a long overdue deep dive into 60 pre-seed black founders, covering everything from where they grew up, with whom, their academic backgrounds, their business sectors, how and who funded their businesses, and the racial, s****l and gender makeup of the founders, their teams, and investors. read it now at > 👀 it’s been a hell of a personal journey for me and one i will share in the future. starting a company is hard enough in itself without the added layers of being a black woman in a tech bro world. this report shines a much needed light where other people just talk. data doesn’t lie. well done andy and the team for all that you do for us 👌🏾
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Two nights, two all girl dinner parties. if anyone hasn’t tried @thepattern app yet, prepare to be blown away. investor @pippalamb hosted a dinner for the la based founder @motherofpatterns at our local, the amazing @7saintsrestaurant 😁 food was insane and i didn’t take any pictures of it because the conversation was mind blowing, about female health, astrology, regression, shadow work, along with the doyenne of wellness @poppyjamie founder of @happynotperfect and @jasmine__fisher a brilliant lawyer and virginia woolf fan. 😍 yesterday i hosted dinner in my office for female founders and beyond from worlds of art tech business tailoring editorial and investing 😎 i am so lucky to know so many next level women who like planning the future of the world, not just consuming it.
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Something something by @_arjenesisnails bookable on @beautystack
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