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“be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” #whpplayful #shineonyoucrayumbrella
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I can’t wait to spend some sweet summer nights right near this colorful bridge in milwaukee! 🎶💃🏼☀️ it will look a lot different in the summer - this is a beloved festival’s parking lot! #shotoniphone while connected with @visiblemobile network. ❤️ proud #brandpartner ❤️
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May your feet take you where your heart wants to go.❤️
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Time for a lot of puddles & ice around here! ☂️hope you had a fun weekend! ❤️
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{connected📍} hello from the couch! today i am very grateful for my #brandpartner @visiblemobile . the wifi in our new home seems to be a bit unreliable so i’m counting on my unlimited cell service from visible to keep me entertained while i recuperate. it is a mobile service in an app that runs on verizon 4g lte and is only $40/month for unlimited service. i also realized the next time i’m out shooting will look very different. the snow is quickly melting now! i will miss these snowy minimals. 😊❤️
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Hello! a great big thank you for all of your lovely messages on my family’s snow angel video that was shared by @instagram such a thrill!! a day after that i found out that i have to have surgery on my foot for some old running injuries. so this weekend we worked very hard to get our open projects completed. we are just wrapping up a diy kitchen remodel so there was a lot to be done! and we also spent one really fun day cruising around milwaukee & taking in the sights before the snow melts. i took a lot of photos and i hope to edit & share them in the next few weeks as i recover on the couch! this photo was taken in front of the calatrava wing at the milwaukee art museum. i first fell in love with calatrava’s architecture as an exchange student in spain... and i was so thrilled many years ago when they used his design for an addition to the @milwaukeeart museum! the wings in the background actually open and close each day. anyways someday i will share the inside too. it’s beautiful! and this is now officially the longest caption i’ve ever written😂😂 thanks again for your kindness and support!! ❤️jill
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Wherever you go, there you are.📍🤗
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{family shadow portrait} playing at the park with the fam for the #whpweekend ❄️❤️❄️ (i was hoping to create a new family photo for our wall!☺️)
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This weekend the “whp” became a family project. the boys got in on the brainstorming. they created this scene. i just flew the drone while riding the sled.🤷🏼‍♀️😂 definitely a fun activity for the #whpweekend ❤️
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Morning greetings 👋🏼
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Hello! feels wonderful to be back out playing with my beloved ☂️in the snow! a huge thank you to my new brand partner @visiblemobile for keeping me connected this spring with unlimited cellular service (for $40 a month!) they’re an app based service (no stores = less overhead.) they’ve been very fun to work with & the network is quite reliable. ❤️ #brandpartner
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Just me, my brella and a tree. split frame with our shadows fifty-fifty. #whpsplitscreen
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