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I'm ready. mostly.
1 40 August 2017
That's a wrap on my last first day of school. i'm glad i got to share it with the people i did, and i'm so excited for us to all walk across that stage.
8 55 August 2017
Me and this cutie on the beautiful stairs at the orpheun theatre~!
1 54 November 2016
Challenge accepted @awkweird.af
2 30 July 2016
Final full day...and we're gunna eat at shaggy's! been fun biloxi, been fun.
1 34 June 2016
Happinesssssss~! #bluehair #happy
1 26 June 2016
This is magical i love my hair oh gosh i love it! annie (the lovely lady with me in the picture) picked the color and this is so much more than i excepted. thank you so much, and now i'm a mermaid~!!
4 23 June 2016
My name is gabi, and i'm from louisiana. this is my story. my story started when i first heard a fully orchestrated piece somewhere before my fifth grade of school which sparked a love of music. the summer before my fifth grade, i saw a how it's made episode on the french horn. it sparked a love of the instrument i carry to this day. i have now played the french horn for six years, and i'm going into my seventh as a junior in high school. i have also played the mellophone for the past three years, going into my fourth year. my name is gabi, and i am part of the music. #iampartofthemusic
1 28 June 2016
When exams got you down, don't be me. do not procrastinate. oh look, a bunny...
3 15 May 2016
Starting a memory wall today. instead of being upset i'm going to try and make the best of it. i'll hang pictures of friends and loved ones to remind me of everyone i love. to the seniors that graduated this morning, i love you all, and i hope you have fun wherever you go. #vch #graduation #iloveyouguys
1 19 May 2016
Gosh armor making is kinda really fun #cosplay #armor
0 7 March 2016