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This week for #fanartfriday we are featuring the work of our talented friend @carlsonkatiee. help us save the goliath groupers! 💻myfwc.com/saltwatercomments 📧[email protected] 📞850-487-0554 ・・・ florida fish and wildlife is going to have public hearings in october to get feedback on how people feel about letting these endangered fish be hunted again. i think that killing one of these fish is like killing a rhinoceros, a grizzly or a wolf. so called "sportsmen" mostly want to go after the largest fish. these fish are so poisoned with mercury that you can't eat them. so they could catch the smaller fish. this is a bad idea because the smaller fish are female. goliaths change to male fish once they reach a certain size. so if you just want a trophy why wouldn't you take a picture of the fish and have artists make a likeness you could hang on your wall. they never use any part of a real fish for these anyway. there is another complaint about these fish. anglers complain that they eat too many fish and lobsters. that they steal fish from their lines and gobble up fish they have just released. i say what do you want these fish to eat? we go to the ocean we have overdosed and polluted and want to deny these fish their life because of greed. this is like breaking into someone's house and shooting him because he ate all the doritos and drank most of the beer. these fish are a big asset to diving tourism. these fish stay in one area and have a lot of personality. the goliaths have even been known to rid our reefs of one of the truely biggest treats to the game fish population, the lion fish. while i don't expect our country to make the right decision about this endangered animal either i am eager for the fight. hopefully some of you out there will come and lend your voice to save goliath. #savegoliath #goliathgrouper #missiongoliath #racingextinction #endangeredspecies #floridafishandwildlife #floridafish
This is an excellent message. love the artwork too.
Great pic...and i'm stuck at work.
That's beautiful! 😍🌊
Thanks to everyone that can go to a hearing and/or leave a comment!