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September 2017
Here are some facts on norwegian minke whaling from our friends at @keiko_conservation_norway. #savethewhales #whaling #norway #keikoconservation #keikonorge #minkewhale #vågehval
Wrong in every way!! that director sure has a pathetically barbaric notion of consumerism. change those like him in powerful positions, and just maybe this world will change for the better.
😩why! just why! stopping killing the planet!
I can't believe this way of thinking. he has to admit that people don't want to eat whale.
Who would support that!? god forbid those guys put a resume together and get a new job...
💔💔😭😭🤢🤢this is awful!!! #gross
Oh no!! horrible
Such an outdated way of thinking!
Leave them alone
This is just disgraceful!!
Awful !!!!!!!!
Whale meat is also unsafe for human consumption. it often contains large amounts of mercury and heavy metals. those can affect children and the unborn.
Norway... this makes me sick...... 😓😭👎🏼
🙅this makes me wail 😔
I'd rather eat my old socks.
I think heiko just spoke about...and what are you guys proposing? very disappointing. ..to say the least!
Not good for humans, not good for animals, not good for the planet, not good for tourism, less rentable than whale watching, large amounts of mercury, demand is falling, sea biodiversity on emergency. why we just can't stop? pointless. @keiko_conservation_ecuador @mingasporelmar
What a b******t idea