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last month
Protest tomorrow! please show up if you can. #dolphinproject @dolphin_project @richardobarry
@n.zeason they left her in her tank while the rest of florida evacuated :( go protest for me!!
✊i am in europe and sending power...thank you!
What's the protest for?
I'll be there in spirit 🖤
In georgia...sending power as well.
@heyitssssme for lolita she was left in her tank during the hurricane irma. the aquarium she was at did not take proper care for her by leaving her behind.
@cherry_1369 that's awful! i can't stand these places they're inhumane!
That's in miami? i'm new here! i wanna be there!
Details? time?
Sure wish this kind of energy was put into the wild populations
Good luck to those that attend & be safe.