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September 2017
πŸ’”πŸ¬warning: graphic images. captivity is cruel! dolphin skin is very sensitive. a typical infection, spreading due to injury. these pics at nagoya port aquarium - japan, 25th august 2017. bad bacteria arrive through people into the pools , by the trainers and guests, through touches and their saliva. these bacteria are mostly fecal germs, adhere on hands and under fingernails. the chlorine in the water enters the inflamed tissue, the wound will not heal such severe infections are most fatal for the dolphins, because usually also affected their organs. ~ don't buy a ticket ~ #dolphinproject #thecove #emptythetanks
It looks painful πŸ˜– very sad !
What monsters.
So f*****g sad
Sending healing energy
Asshole 😑
Heartless assholes!!
Poor baby πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Don't buy a ticket. stop going to these places
This is truly disgraceful and disgusting!
This must be stopped
Why are you not doing anything
Brings me to tears.
How do we help to close these horrible places.
Oh my f*****g god. what's wrong with humans?!?!??! fuck!!!!!!!!!
Omg cruel :((
This is abuse!!!! 😑😑😑