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Jasmine Smith
Laverne & shirley. romy and michelle. beyonce and jay z.

we all need that person in our lives who’ll push us and keep us accountable, so why not invite them to join you in my 7 day experience and sign up together?

tag your ride or die in the comments below and together you can evolve, expand and shift into a higher perspective!
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Jasmine Smith
When well-intentioned plans never see the light of day, it’s the worst, right?
you know when you set an intention to be happier, put your self-care higher on the list of things to do and then nothing... you drop the ball.
and trust me… it happens to the best of us (myself included).
the trick is setting an intention and trying to do something new is different from knowing exactly what to do to increase your calmness and your happiness.
actually having tools and actions is different story. but no worries… i’ve got you covered!
as a wellness expert and spiritual development coach with more than 6 years of experience coaching clients in achieving their personal development goals i can help you find a practical and spiritual solution that meets your needs.

sound like something you dig? i’d love to meet you! learn more at www.soulperspective.com/marchcalmness
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Jasmine Smith
That’s a wrap! i’ve just put the finishing touches on my new march calmness 7-day experience and i’m so excited to share it with you! what i’m even more ecstatic about, is for you to learn the secrets to living an intentional life with more calmness and happiness. it’s jam-packed with actionable advice, tips, tools, practices and videos you can use right away to live a healthier life and experience real happiness.
click the link in my profile to join us, before it’s too late. we start monday march 25th! you’re going to love it!
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Jasmine Smith
For years i ignored the prickly parts of life

i coasted on auto pilot, choosing not to feel too much, cruising above the depths.

who wants to hurt?

i didn’t want to hurt.
i didn’t want to feel pain.
i didn’t want to feel uncomfortable.
but friends, that was no way to live and - at first, i can’t say it was my choice to expand.

l i f e. happened, all around me. you know the deep, dark, hard, desert seasons of life. death, diagnosis and tragedy.
it forced me to choose, to stay asleep and keep pulling the covers over my head and heart, or to awaken.
i didn’t choose the spiritual life, the spiritual life choose me.
sometimes it feels like that- amiright?! eventually, i choose to awaken. and i think you have too. that’s why you’re here. i can’t say i’ve mastered anything. but i’m growing, i’m evolving.

in this awakening my life changed and flourished. but it was not overnight and it was not all alone. i had guides and mentors, online and in person. i had virtual coaches and teachers in real life, and friends who were 2 steps ahead of me.

i teach spiritual development because it expanded my life.
it expanded my capacity for happiness and joy and calmness.
this deep awakening, is not always butterflies and rainbows and sunshine. it can challenging and oftentimes uncomfortable. and it prepares you, it strengthens you, for l i f e.

because life is beautiful and wonderful and sometimes hard. i’m grateful the spiritual life chose me and i chose it because i get to guide beautiful humans like you through a new perspective each day. it fuels my life and keeps expanding my capacity for all the things! if i can do it, you can do it too! i’m here to support you, i’m rooting you and, i’m in your corner!
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Jasmine Smith
When my skin fairy godmother- medical-aesthetics r.n. @valerie.rn asked

“are you using a vitamin c oil?”

i said hell yes boo! beautycounter’s no. 1 brightening face oil!
why vitamin c? vit c oil brightens your face babe! and it also brightens your mood! thank you citrus essential oils!
it’s no wonder @beautycounter’s no. 1 brightening face oil won allure’s best of beauty award.
only the best of the best around here!
no toxic junk, harmful chemicals or risky products!
do better boo, you & your body deserve it!
this month you can get a free travel size no. 1 brightening face oil, try it out for yourself! i promise, you won’t be disappointed! (photo by: @_daphnekbmt )
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Jasmine Smith
Have i ever shared with you friend, that i was a cheerleader for many, many, many years! i can cheer you on like no body’s business! today is day 3 of my newest offering: march calmness a 7 day experience! what’s on my mind right now is i am what how lucky i am as a coach, to be cheering and rooting for these beautiful humans who signed up for this experience!

sure, i may not be curing cancer, but what my programs do is make an impact in experiencing increased happiness, real expansion and true health. simply put, i love being a coach! i’m excited to continue helping my clients and cheering them on! what do you love about what you do?
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Jasmine Smith
Freinds, yesterday i missed a very important day.
#internationalnapday 😴
don’t worry. i made up for it today!
i used to be a terrible napper because i wanted to sleep all day!
but i think i’ve finally mastered the 30 minute nap!
how about you?! to nap, or not to nap?
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Jasmine Smith
Happy monday!
each morning + each breath is a brand new opportunity to start over!
you have the power— choose to reset!

may the odds ever be in your favor!
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Jasmine Smith
No one is going to take better care of you— than you.
no one can feel your desires like you can.
more happiness
more fulfillment
more health
own your expansion.
there is no better time to start than now.
choose courage over fear...action over worry.
your time is now. you ready?
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Jasmine Smith
I’m not-so-great in the kitchen, but i’ve been cooking up a storm this week…but it’s not about food!

i’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the newest #sp365living offering!

in fact, you might as well start calling me, alice waters because i’m about to start a revolution and serve up a michelin-worthy experience for y’all!

details for my newest offering: march calmness are in my stories as well as the recipe for this delicious soup courtesy of the best chef in the world: my hubby!
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Jasmine Smith
Happy international woman’s day boo!
i’m so happy to share this woman experience with you! i’ve created something just for you.
i see you.
you slay.
trust me, i know it’s not always easy being a goddess, in this day and age.
i got you b**e & together we rise.
together we uplift the planet.
together we are magic.
i see your pain.
i see your heart.
i see your light.
i see your struggle.
i know the energy is challenging right now.
and i know you want more from life.

so, i created a 7 day experience just for you. to create more goodness, calmness
happiness in your life, right now. you’ll learn quick, powerful practices that have made the most impact in my life and you can use them forever!we start march 3/11 calmness on monday, it’s less than $5 a day, no excuses boo, link in bio
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Jasmine Smith
What was the turning point in your life that sent you down a different path—or skyrocketed you into one you’d already chosen? it may sound odd to say, but there hasn’t been a single greater moment in my career than the day i got let go / fired from a ‘wellness center’. of course at the time it didn’t feel great. it felt terrible, heartbreaking and confusing. i had worked my b**t off, i’d never been let go from a job in my life.

and to make matters worse my husband had just got laid off a week before. it was the worst case scenario. we were both out of work.

it took that financial drastic b**w to shock me into how truly important it was to start taking myself and my business seriously.
it was the catalyst that drove me to really focus on me, to stop putting my business on the back burner, while building other peoples empires and focus on my own.

after lots of healing, gratitude for the experience and forgiving myself... i’m still working on forgiving them (hey i’m only human 🙃) i’m truly stepping out, beginning my life as an entrepreneur. have you experienced something similar?
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