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Matt Crump
1 hour ago
mattcrump I've dropped by this theatre every month for the past 16 months to see if they've finally added "matt crump the musical" to their lineup (they have not)
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Patricia Lay-Dorsey
1 hour ago
patricialaydorsey Today i had a phone conversation with a family member who may see trump's impending inauguration similar to me, but responds very differently. where i believe each citizen has the right and responsibility to actively resist unjust situations and dangerous individuals in our government, she believes one should accept the situation and person as it/he is because that is what a true patriot does. she actually said today, "there is nothing we can do about it." as you can imagine, reconciling our differences on this subject has not been easy. we mostly agree to disagree. as i thought about our conversation, i found myself drawn to create a photo/ink drawing diptych showing our two perspectives: passive and active. as seen here, the passive may be more beautiful and peaceful, but there is always a dark shadow lurking in the background. the active may not be as beautiful or lighthearted but it shows the power of being and acting in community with others. to my way of thinking - which is certainly biased - the passive may be more comfortable but is essentially powerless, while the active may be chaotic and even confusing, but is always empowering. i imagine you already know which of these two images reflects my way of being in the world ;-)
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2 hours ago
thephotosociety The edmund pettus bridge, selma alabama photo by @salvarezphoto (stephen alvarez) the celebration of martin luther king jr's birthday seems like a good day to show this image. on march 7th 1965, "bloody sunday" some 600 civil rights marchers were headed east from selma to montgomery. as they crested this rise on the bridge they were attacked by alabama state troopers with tear gas and billy clubs. 17 marchers, including john lewis, were hospitalized and 50 more were treated for lesser injuries. the attack was brutal and unjustified. the men and women who were on that bridge are american heros. their sacrifice was for all of us. america has come so far since 1965 but still there is so far to go. as dr king so brilliantly said when he paraphrased theodore parker, "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." #mlk #alabama #moralarc
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Alternative Press
1 hour ago
@carnifex sat down with our #aptv european correspondent, @iamsophiek to chat the future of the band and the state of #deathcore. watch the exclusive interview now at 📺
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Interview Magazine
2 hours ago
interviewmag "i've never played anyone real before." @jenna_coleman_ on her new @pbs miniseries #victoria 📸 @mattholyoak. styling @nicjottkandt. hair @ninabeckert. makeup #yumikoyamamoto. manicure @amistreets
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3 hours ago
cosmopolitan Can you even handle how cute this tiny horse is 😩💕 caitlin cimini (@boochaces) gave up a successful career to start the animal rescue farm rancho relaxo in new jersey. tap the link in bio to read her story (and see more pics of bb animals) (you will not regret it) #whyiquit (📸: @boochaces)
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Melissa Joan Hart
1 hour ago
melissajoanhart Today i rock the socks for makenzie cadmus! check out her page @rockthesocksmakenzie learn about dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (deb), and help find a cure! #rockthesocksmakenzie
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Miley Cyrus
1 hour ago
mileycyrus ❤️💚💛💜💙 i think m.o. would be proud of just how often i dress as a unicorn! i / we love you so much! thank you for being a flotus we can truly admire and aspire to be 🌻🌻🌻🌻
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Kris Jenner
1 hour ago
krisjenner Happy birthday dear friend, @jasonbinn! wishing you an amazing year filled with health, joy, peace and love!!! thank you for all your love and support always!
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1 hour ago
disneychannelpr #docmcstuffins heads "into the hundred acre wood!" renowned voice actors jim cummings and travis oates return to voice the beloved characters of winnie the pooh & tigger, and piglet, respectively. the episode airs on national winnie the pooh day, january 18 at 7:30 p.m. on disney junior.
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1 hour ago
history On this day in 1994, an earthquake rocks los angeles, california, killing 54 people and causing billions of dollars in damages. the northridge quake (named after the san fernando valley community near the epicenter) was one of the most damaging in u.s. history. do you remember this natural disaster? share your thoughts below. (📷 getty images)
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Dogs of Wolf & Crow
1 hour ago
dogs.of.wolfandcrow When you get to the party and your squad is already there tot. . #sup #yo #rollingwiththehomies #squad #partytime
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Dogs of Instagram
1 hour ago
dogsofinstagram "meet hank, a golden nugget that loves the outdoors" writes @adorablehank #dogsofinstagram
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Dogs Puppies World
2 hours ago
dogspupsworld Do you love dogs? looking for that perfect gift? get this handmade paw print necklace now from @dogloversshop_! ⇨ 35% off !!! ✔ thousands sold ⏳ only few pieces left! 🚛 free shipping worldwide 🌎 link in the @dogloversshop_ bio!
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The Away Fans
2 hours ago
theawayfans Liverpool flag in memory of the plymouth fans son who passed away last week, class! (via @mrtonygrice)
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Futbol / Soccer / Football
3 hours ago
⚪️⚫️💙💫 juventus v fiorentina.
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Discover Ocean
2 hours ago
discoverocean The mandarinfish or mandarin dragonet (synchiropus splendidus), is a small, brightly colored member of the dragonet family, which is popular in the saltwater aquarium trade. the mandarinfish is native to the pacific, ranging approximately from the ryukyu islands south to australia. photo by @marry_harpke #discoverocean
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4 hours ago
oceana Today, we’re continuing our celebration of #penguinawarenessweek by celebrating two penguin opposites. while the king penguin is the second largest penguin (reaching heights of nearly 3 feet), the little blue (fairy) penguin stands a mere 33 cm (13 in) tall. 📷: © oceana/rosie ettenheim
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OceanRamsey, Ocean Ramsey
14 hours ago
oceanicramsey Today was surreal, floating in the icy water, just looking around surrounded on all sides by orca and humpbacks. hearing their spouts so loud and close above water from all directions and hearing their clicks below water. i couldn't feel my fingers after a while but i didn't care when i was constantly going in and out of the water with orca. the sky is brush strokes of pink overhead like a long sunrise or sunset because there is only about 5 hours of daylight here, it's beautiful against the completely snow covered mountains that stand tall surrounding this wilderness & everywhere birds are diving and flying here to enjoy the feast of herring with the whales. it was hard to even pick which direction to swim to take a closer look and chance a closer encounter, i was lucky to have a lot of encounters today, non stop for four hours even in the low visibility the orcas beautiful white and grey patches stand out so distinctly. they seem mildly curious completely non threatening & unthreatened as i did my best to swim parallel to passing groups as my orca mentor/orca biologist-whisperer-conservationist-freediver @useadiving (he is to orca what i am to sharks) but ask pierre, with all my excitement & enthusiasm i often dive too deep & fast & the orca just pass overhead, sometimes glancing down at the strange hairy sea creature below 😉#teamhairydolphin although i kept diving out of frame my uber talented freedive partner/professional marine #conservation #photographer @juansharks still managed to capture quite a few moments in the same frame range. i hope some of the images might encourage more people to come view these beautiful animals in the wild, where they should be. even if you don't want to take the cool plunge, they are so active & beautiful even on the surface. enjoy #nature in nature. #reconnect get outside enjoy the #weather. special thanks to my amazing team braving the cold & diversity of my #oceanlife with me #juansharks & @miyamotoryan @saltnairstudios & #pierrerobertlatour for coaching me on the most respectful ways to share water with orca, & #captainolav theledgend & amazing gear sponsors: @xcelwetsuits @cressi1946 @dakine #dakinehawaii @xcelwomens
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2 hours ago
mercedesamg When “scenic views” take on a new meaning. the picturesque mercedes-amg glc 43 looks right at home. #mercedesamg #mercedes #amg #glc #performance #power #passion #luxury #lifestyle #cars #carsofinstagram [fuel consumption combined: 8.7-8.3 l/100 km | co2 emissions combined: 199-189 g/km]
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Unique Audi Photography
2 hours ago
auditography Are you ready to jump into the new s3? and if you haven't seen the full auditography youtube video on this car, then you've missed something good. car: 2017 @audi s3 sedan s-tronic (290-310hp, depending on the continent, 2.0 turbo) performance: 0-100kmh(62mph) 4.62sec (tested), 5.0sec (official) color: florett silver metallic location: doha, qatar facebook: youtube: prints: camera: canon eos 5d mark ii / 24-70mm thanks to: audi qatar (@audiqatar) remember, all my photos are available on my popular facebook page, where you can download them in their high quality. #audi #s3 #sedan #limousine #sline #luxury #german #carlifestyle #audis3 #a3 #caroftheday #photooftheday #cars #autos #carporn #instagood #carlifestyle #tractiontuestday #rs3 #photography #audimalmo #sweden #audia3 #swag #love #amazing #beautiful #audioutdoors
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Amazing Food Daily
2 hours ago
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Love Food
2 hours ago
love_food Follow us @cupcakegrid for more! 🎂🍰#lovefood (@larkcakeshop)
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