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Good luck on finals studybuddies! ✨☁️ when do you have your first exam? [mine’s today]
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Cozy season ☁️🍁🍂 are you ready for thanksgiving break?! i can’t wait ^_^
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New video on my after school night routine on my youtube channel [link in bio] ☁️☀️do you own a kånken + what color is it?
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My november weekly spread! 🎨 what’s your astrological sign? [i’m a scorpio]
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What’s in my pencil case 🌻📝 do you have mildliners?
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Have a productive day! also, pls rate my current desk setup 1-10 📝🐡
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How to make a bullet journal spread in under a minute!! the full video will be on my igtv —> @studywithinspo 🐡☀️
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Hi studybuddies, today i’m taking over @instagram so please go check out my feature and story posts!! i’ve been working on this since august and i can’t believe it’s finally here!! lots of love to all my fellow bullet journalists, this community rocks and i hope as the year ends we’ll be even bigger and better than ever 🌻🌼 here are some of my biggest inspirations: @chey.barton @studyquill @tbhstudying @amandarachlee
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Updating my spotify playlists, link in bio ✨🌼 any song recommendations?
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My november bullet journal spread! what’s your favorite color at the moment? [mine’s green] also check out my new youtube video, it’s a day in my life in college 🌼🌻
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Today was the first study session i’ve had since may, but it felt so good to be productive again! what classes are you taking this fall? one of mine is linear algebra ✌🏻
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It’s finally the weekend!! next week is the first full week of school for me, and i’m just preparing for all the chaos coming ☺️ #ucdormdecor @uofcalifornia
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