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Miss. teddy and goldilocks had so much fun hosting a teddy bears picnic christmas party for matraville rsl club. they were joined by friends including baby bear, face painting elves, elvin the elf and santa!
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If you’re in the blue mountains area, come and celebrate christmas with us at lithgow workies on sunday!
tickets are free for all members.
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This style of tutu is called a romantic tutu since it was popularised during the romantic era when visual art, ballet, opera, music and literature was influenced with themes of romanticisim. the era is generally said to have debuted in 1827 in paris when marie taglioni starred in la sylphide, and ended in 1870 with arthur saint-leon’s carmen.
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Our ballerinas can fly!
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Our beautiful ballerinas make a gorgeous addition to any christmas party or special event
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I want adventure in the great side somewhere
i want it more than i can tell
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It’s no wonder that her name means beauty, her looks have got no parallel
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It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas! this beauty and all of her princess friends are bringing out their christmas gowns.
it’s not too late to celebrate! give us a call to book your christmas events and parties
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We’re a children’s entertainment company so we care for kids. safety and privacy always comes first, and we believe that this is more important than showcasing our work.

we know you love to see photos of our face painting and parties, but out of respect to parents and children we never share identifiable photos of kids unless we have parental permission.

so here are some cute unidentifiable hands!

this lovely work was done by our superstar performer and face painter bonnie at the domayne and harvey norman store in auburn.

she will be there again for the next two saturdays painting faces, hands and twisting balloons.

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She’s rotten to the core 💙💙
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They say i’m trouble, they say i’m bad...💜💜
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It’s actually ridiculous how gorgeous these girls are 😂
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