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1st time in my lifting career that i took the 130s for a spin! overall felt amazing about today's session! more depth is needed for the 130s but in the near future i will get the 140s! progress not perfection! and get to get a good recovery with the help of core-21 from @1stphorm #fit #fitness #fit4life #fitlifestyle #fitlife #neversettle #noexcuses #beastmode #beast #powerbuilding #powerlifting #bodybuilding #goldsgym #goldsgymcitrusheights #standstronginc #flagnorfail #powerlifting #howmuchyabench #strong #power #supertraining #flex #flexfriday #recover #duespaid #1stphorm #1stphormathletesearch
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Seeing double.
viendo doble🤓
did a quick hour back workout. the best way to set yourself up for success and make the most of your time at the gym is by putting away your phone and concentrating. put on an awesome playlist and minimize your resting times. dont spend 5 minutes scrolling through instagram in between each set. focus and you’ll succeed💪🏼
hice una hora de ejercisios de espalda. la mejor manera de maximizar tu hora en el gymnasio es de guardar tu telefono y concentracion. pon un buen playlist de muscia y minimizar tu tiempo de descanso. no se pongan a ver instagram por 5 minutos cada vez que terminen un set. enfocanse y tendras exito💪🏼
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Upper leg day
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The support is real from all over

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👊🏽”we all come here to be happy..so be happy!” - james the loud guy at san mateo crunch😂👏🏽 if you know him tag him!!! haha love that dude
💡we all definitely need that simple reminder from time to time.
🌞so whether it's school, work or the gym... make happiness start from within
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That feeling you get when you drink level-1.
level-1 is the highest quality meal replacement shake on the market.
your goal is to get 5-6 meal every day with at least 20g protein at each. although it would be great to get whole food sources at each meal... that’s not always realistic.
that’s why @1stphorm created this meal replacement shake. this shake is designed to keep you on track with your diet, help you lose weight, build muscle, and keep you fuller for longer.
not to mention it tastes 🤤🤤.
as always, link is in bio for free shipping! or message me if you need help with any diet planning!
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When you and your #littlebuddy are essentially just #trex. #giant #steak / #potroast #beef #meat #protein overload. -

#crashgang #rhinomovement
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It was faster to climb up than getting down 😂
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So many things in my life have changed since i last stepped onto this field.. i’ve become a man, not a boy pretending to be a man. i’ve failed, been defeated, and been knocked on my a*s more times than i’ve been triumphant. i’ve had my heart broken, out back together, broken again, repeat. but the one thing i am the most proud of.. i’ve become comfortable in my own skin. i don’t have phases where i pretend to be someone i’m not, i don’t change my personality based on who’s in the room, and i d**n sure don’t care what people say about me.
i am dalton boggs. i’m a bodybuilder, an ex athlete. i’m an asshole when needed, but i’m also a great man. i’m not perfect, and i have few friends. if you’re in my circle, it’s for a reason. if i chase after you, it’s for a reason.
my mind has evolved to this unbelievably powerful place. i love deep, but i’m not broken if you don’t reciprocate. i am the wolf that is as comfortable leading a pack, as i am being alone. this is my life, this is who i am.
you don’t have to like me, nor do you have to respect me. i am dalton boggs, and you cannot stop me.
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💪🏽“oh i can barely lift my right arm cause i did so many...i don’t know if you heard me counting. i did over a thousand”
📚 who else is on the ron burgundy bicep e-book?😜
happy friday
#teamcanlast #1stphorm #flexfriday
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remember who you are, what you are & who you represent!!
when it says 1st phorm on your chest you have ☝🏻 option...
d o m i n a t e
and i’m talking about in everything that you do!!
whether it’s a french fry making contest (@andyfrisella i know you’ll dig that), a triathlon, a fitness competition or any other competition you can think of, if someone in it is rocking an @1stphorm logo, you better bring your f****n a game!! cause i can guarantee you ☝🏻 thing, that m**********r will not quit!!
#iam1stphorm .
#wedothework #1stphorm #1stphormathletesearch #neversettle #100to0 #sayitwithyourchest #whatdoyourepresent #whodoyourepresent #justdoit
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Happy friday all!!! 😁
had a killer shoulders, chest and tris workout!!!
rugged maniac mud run tomorrow, which i’m sooooo pumped for
anybody else have good plans for the weekend!!??? let me know!!!!!!
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It’s going down! do you have what it takes?
follow me on facebook!
link in bio
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You are beautiful!!!
repeat after me! im beautiful! but outside of repeating this statement i need you to believe it!!!!
there are so many descriptions of beauty now a days, and i love each one! i love the curvy girls with a little roll here and there-i love the athletic figures-i love the big girl who’s nervous to wear this and that-i love the confident but still kinda iffy about her legs or stomach!-i love the short girls that wish they had long legs!-i love the girl that hates the back of her legs!!!!but the one thing i love the most is-telling them you’re beautiful!!! .
no matter what your flaws may be you are beautiful! .
you are beautiful!
you are beautiful!
you are beautiful!
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