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In 1962, the u.s. government leased 4 floors of the miami news tower for the cuban assistance center. president kennedy’s migration and refugee assistance act authorized help to cuban exiles arriving in florida to resettle. cubans called the center “el refugio” and eventually the freedom tower, as they came due to fear of imprisonment and violence. keep this important history alive by voting today! #linkinbio #bemdc
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From 1959 to 1974 more than 640,000 cuban refugees came to the u.s. seeking asylum. many were processed at the freedom tower, considered the “ellis island of the south”. the cuban assistance center offered health care, housing, records on relatives in the u.s., and relief aid for those starting with nothing. do you know anyone who was processed or worked at the freedom tower during that time? share your stories in the comments below and vote today to keep those stories alive. #linkinbio #bemdc
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Looks like venice but still feels very much like #miami. meet stephanie hill @thestylebungalow, a cultural ambassador for the #vizcayaball. she's helping us spread the word about our biggest fundraiser of the year, which supports the continued preservation of this national historic landmark.
help us ensure this cultural hub is here for another 100 years, giving locals a little taste of europe.
join us for the #vizcayaball on nov. 17. you can get your tickets or make a donation at vizcayaball.org.
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Help us win preservation funding! join us on saturday at our free open house for music, culture, and art! transportation is easy with the freedom tower metromover stop on the omni loop. go to the #linkinbio to cast your 5 daily votes! #bemdc
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Though it operated as an immigration processing center for only 12 years, @mdcollege's freedom tower became an icon representing the faith in democracy! vote for the freedom tower up to 5 times daily and keep the symbol alive. #linkinbio #bemdc
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The cuban exile experience: journey to freedom in the freedom tower is presented by @mdcollege and @miamiherald media company. the exhibit accounts the struggles, spirit, and accomplishments of the cuban-american community. celebrate #hispanicheritagemonth by voting for the freedom tower today! #bemdc #linkinbio
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The freedom tower is the backdrop of so many momentous events including today's @susangkomen​ walk, the @fitbit @themiamimarathon​, @miamiheat games, and even @f1 coming next weekend. vote today for our local landmark! #linkinbio #bemdc
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Only 10 days left for you to help us win funding from @americanexpress and the @savingplaces! vote to preserve @mdcollege’s freedom tower, its history, culture, and mission. we need to get to 10th place to win grants! help us get there by voting up to five times daily! #linkinbio #bemdc
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thanks to @hot melfoods premium pork roll, and @powerquickpot 😍. i was able to bring that miami πŸ’ƒπŸΌ and πŸ”₯ and put that miami flavor on a national stage! #chili #miami #calle8 #firefighter #powerquickpot #hormel #foh #perfectlyplated #cuttingboardauthority #newyork #bocafire #305pride
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@mdcollege's freedom tower was designed by new york firm schultze & weaver to be 15-stories with an octagonal cupola in spanish baroque style. the tower is one of three in miami inspired by the giralda tower in seville! vote today to keep the history alive! #linkinbio #bemdc
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#tbt to july 2003, when @mdcollege’s freedom tower honored salsa legend, @celiacruzlegacyproject, after her death with a cuban flag draped across the tower. keep the legacy alive and vote today! #bemdc #linkinbio
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Thanks to @hot melfoods premium pork roll, and @powerquickpot 😍. i was able to bring that miami πŸ’ƒπŸΌ and πŸ”₯ and put that miami flavor on a national stage! #chili #miami #calle8 #firefighter #powerquickpot #hormel #foh #perfectlyplated #cuttingboardauthority #newyork #bocafire #305pride
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Today the freedom tower is home to thriving cultural programs of @mdcollege: @miamibookfair, @miamifilm@miamifilm @mdclivearts, @moadmdc, the cuban legacy gallery, and the kislak center. vote for the freedom tower to help us continue to honor and celebrate south florida’s communities. #bemdc #linkinbio
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This poem, composed by edwin markham in 1925, is on the the new world mural in @mdcollege’s freedom tower. on april 2, 1513, the spanish explorer juan ponce de leon landed in what he called florida on his search for the fabled fountain of youth. vote today for our history! #linkinbio #bemdc
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The mezzanine level in the freedom tower is adorned by the the new world mural painted in 1987. the mural features ponce de leon and the tequesta chief in front of a new world map. help us continue to celebrate and share our florida history by voting for @mdcollege's freedom tower today. #bemdc #linkinbio
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@mdcollege’s national historic landmark, the freedom tower, stands as a symbol of hope, freedom, and inclusion. vote up to 5 times a day! the freedom tower has a chance to win preservation grants from @americanexpress and @savingplaces! #linkinbio #bemdc #voteyourmainstreet
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Have you voted today? since launching in 2006, the partners in preservation @americanexpress and @savingplaces have awarded more than $22 million in preservation funding to more than 200 historic sites across the u.s. we are thankful for the chance to win preservation grants! cast your vote for the iconic freedom tower up to 5 times a day! #linkinbio #voteyourmainstreet #bemdc
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Respect this hustle! our friends and 305 reppers afrobeta are making a movie and they need your help. sure you could throw in money (they are close to their goal πŸ’ͺ) but please give a quick follow to their campaign as getting them 1000 followers makes them eligible for 50k toward the film! follow the campaign on seed & spark via the link in @afrobeta’s profile πŸ‘Ύ #afrobeta #305pride
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@mdcollege’s freedom tower is the permanent home of the kislak center. the gallery celebrates the history that enriches miami and the impact of latin culture on south florida and the rest of the world. celebrate our diverse history this #hispanicheritagemonth and vote today! #linkinbio #bemdc
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As the home of miami’s first newspaper, and as the processing center for thousands of cuban refugees, the freedom tower serves as a reminder of our country’s embrace of all who yearn to live the american dream, free from oppression and free to pursue happiness. in preserving this history of our country’s diversity, we are propelling our community and country forward. vote today and share with your friends! #linkinbio #bemdc @mdcollege
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