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Lots going on behind the scenes over here...some things that i’m really trying to trust god with right now and praying hard about (even though i can be a very impatient person at times)...so...felt like skipping the chalk today and lettering this instead...i sooo need to remember this on a daily basis, especially when trials arise! we got blasted with snowmageddon on the second day of spring today, so it will most likely be a tea, blankets, and tv night with the hubs...to say i’m done with winter weather would be a complete understatement! πŸ™ˆ hope you all had a happy wednesday! πŸ™ŒπŸ» #godisincontrol #faith #jesus #biblejournaling #journalingbible #biblequotes #biblelettering #goodnewsfeed #christiancreative #30daysofbiblelettering
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“be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace.” acts 18:9, words of god to the apostle paul, promising his provision. such an encouragement going into the week! . . . this one is based on a little sermon sketch from today’s service (#swipeleft). i also got to practice some more rustic looking florals, which was fun. . . . #madewithprocreate #creatifolionotebook #sermonsketches #ipadlettering #christianartist #biblelettering #30daysofbiblelettering #biblelettering #scriptureart #scripturelettering #florals #procreatelettering #handlettering #handletteredtruth
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Monday morning mantra. writing it big on my chalkboard, and big in my heart, and then promising myself to make it real, by making it count. what counts & who is measuring?! you. you and god. and if you’re not sure what needs to be counted today, god will let you know, if you ask. but i think in general making this day count looks a lot like love. love for the people that come into that day, and for yourself. so, i’m right here with you- let’s read a scripture, say a prayer, and put on some happy music. and make this day, count, whatever that looks like and lives like, because we’ll never have today again. πŸ’›
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God patiently endures. this is a theme found in today's section of romans 9. please join us in reading today's excerpt by @katesconcepts. and let us know what stands out! β €β €β € β € "god 'has endured with much patience…' another way to put this phrase is 'to carry with much calmness.' here, we have the picture of god carrying those who oppose him with complete calmness, even though they deserve his complete punishment. but paul also writes that god 'desires to show his wrath.' if there is one basic thing we know about god and his nature, it is that he cannot be near sin and must punish it. β €β €β € β € so when thinking of those who have not been clothed with christ’s righteousness, god wants to punish the sin he sees. but because of his mercy and his desire for all to know him, he patiently carries them through life, withholding his wrath until that final judgment upon death. β €β €β € β € he could, in all justice, punish disobedience the second it happens. but in his mercy he does not smite... instead, he patiently holds. β €β €β € β € this really makes me rethink my whole parenting strategy... β €β €β € β € for god is patient with his image bearers; even those who are without his eternal mercy. he lets sin remain while he too remains. he is constant. he does not withhold his creation. and he does not take away all good things because of people’s bad decisions. instead, he lets humanity enjoy life. β €β €β € β € even though he knows that some will never trust in him, he still gives never-ending opportunities for all to know him through everyday creation. he lets them enjoy his work, even if they don’t know it and even if they don’t deserve it... β €β €β € β € yet too often, we are not patient with ourselves or others. we are our own worst critic while holding others to impossible standards. we don’t forgive. we lose hope. we forget to love. and we lack endurance and patience. but let us recognize the point of god’s enduring patience towards the disobedient. it is to proclaim his glory to us - his people - and to model the same attitude and perspective that we should have toward others." #declareglory #romans #romansstudy
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Ask, seek, knock πŸ–€ day 24 of #acreativelent.
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Hey friends!! i’m still finishing up my new spring design from yesterday’s post, but wanted to share a finished page i colored from chalk it up to grace...my coloring book with @paigetateandco ! it’s an entirely faith-based coloring book filled with scripture and bible verses for you to color! pages are cropped to a perfect 8x10 for framing as well (available through the link in my profile)! hoping to have my newest design finished tomorrow to share with y’all too! happy friday! 🌹❀️ #loveneverfails #scripture #adultcoloringbook #adultcoloring #30daysofbiblelettering
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Declare Glory™
Our salvation is from him only. today's passage in romans supports this. check out our daily devotion excerpt below! (day 40) β €β €β € β € "this [passage] is a warning because we get so caught up in the 'this is mine and i deserve it' mentality. especially in our faith. daily, we lose the appreciation for the work of god through others; the very slow work of god, might i say. yet in turn, we become focused on ourselves and arrogant in our right to be children of god. β €β €β € β € instead of learning and encouraging, we become boastful and independent. confident that we do not need community, we are above help and guidance, and certain that we can support ourselves. for in our eyes, our faith is greater than theirs. our relationship with jesus is better. β €β €β € β € quickly, we believe that we don't need them. their failure to keep up the "good fight" leads our hearts to reject them and the beautiful possibility of god’s faithfulness in their story. we fear being brought down or held back by their weakness, and cling to our own strength and abilities, all while forgoing what they may have to offer. how true is this? β €β €β € β € but we should stand in awe of god and the work he is doing, knowing his favor is a gift. β €β €β € β € so how do we do this? how do we stand in awe of him and his bigger picture of the gospel? β €β €β € β € first we must remember that though we may think we can handle it on our own, we do not support ourselves, god supports us. and many times, he chooses to do that through people - those who are his and those who are not. β €β €β € β € if we could only see the beautiful weaving in and out of our lives with others, we would have so much more appreciation for the unique stories we all have to offer. β €β €β € β € instead of becoming self-sufficient, we could see each person in our day as an opportunity to learn about our sovereign god. each conversation a window into the soul of god. each reading of the people of scripture as a way to enhance our gratitude of the lord’s redemption in our lives. β €β €β € β € remember this throughout your day. god is your support, and he is working in such larger ways than we can imagine through those around you. . let us know what stood out! #declareglory #romansstudy
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Just cleaning up some parts and it's done! thank you @abettinnacarlos for entrusting me with your wall... your place! it was a beautiful stretch for me in many ways. off to the next! πŸ‹πŸΎ‍β™€οΈπŸ˜
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Collaboration with @happyplantco for their inspo-pots! i hope the plants will be extra happy in them β€οΈπŸƒ #lettering #plants #pots
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Celine Maye
We all have our own definition of 'good'. but until that definition is grounded upon god's word and on what he says it is, it ain't good at all.
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A quickie to invite you @calligrainspire @wannaworship @drawing_by_dave to join #30daysofbiblelettering . it starts on april 1st. i'll be doing a bit of travelling during next month...so this should be challenging! god's word is powerful to speak, to declare, or even to do lettering with! we are all busy but i think this is worth making time forπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. i do pray over my instagram works for people to be blessed by what comes out of my hands. why? well, why not?! . . #30daysofbiblelettering #letteringisfun #calligraphy #modernlettering #moderncalligraphy #brushpen #brushlettering #bibletruth #godsword #storeupgodswordinyourheart #journal #writetoinspire #whynot
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helen so miiasoey
He has made everything beautiful in its time. he has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what god has done from beginning to end. ecclesiastes 3:11 #30daysofbiblelettering #lifeofanurbanezer #lettering #doodle #illustration #marker #sketchbook #drawing #hkig #hkgirl #amen #potd
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Create your own invitation show us that you are participating by creating a piece with the words „30 days of bible lettering“ and challenge 1-3 friends to join you for round 6! we would love to feature some of your work in the coming days leading up to the challenge! ⬇️⬇️infos about the challenge⬇️⬇️ this project is about writing one bible verse every day for 30 consecutive days (official start is april 1st, no joke) in any style you enjoy. you may hand letter it, do a collage, use an iphone app like “over” or photoshop, basically anyway you want to. there are endless possibilities. 1. grab a pen and paper, sit down and start lettering a bible verse. 2. share it using #30daysofbiblelettering on instagram 3. pray for the people who will read the scripture. we will share the list tomorrow or you can go to the website which you'll find here: @30daysofbiblelettering dont forget to invite people πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
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Bernadette Neuwirth
Regrann from @30daysofbiblelettering - this is your invitation tag your friends to challenge them ⬇️⬇️infos⬇️⬇️ this project is about writing one bible verse every day for 30 consecutive days (official start is april 1st, no joke) in any style you enjoy. you may hand letter it, do a collage, use an iphone app like “over” or photoshop, basically anyway you want to. there are endless possibilities. 1. grab a pen and paper, sit down and start lettering a bible verse. 2. share it using #30daysofbiblelettering on instagram 3. pray for the people who will read the scripture. we will share the list tomorrow or you can go to the website which you'll find here: @30daysofbiblelettering dont forget to invite&challenge people πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ - #regrann
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One of the very sweetest promises for the children of god is that they will never walk alone. . . left to ourselves, we are weak, powerless people-- but we have not been left to ourselves! if jesus christ-- through whom the world was created and who presently sits enthroned at god's right hand-- if he is with us, how could we not live and work with hope and confidence! . . "all god’s giants have been weak men, who did great things for god because they reckoned on his being with them." --hudson taylor #withyoualways #gointoalltheworld #tilltheend #matthew28 #christiancreative #parlorprintsstudio #30daysofbiblelettering
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Kathleen Ollet
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Pearl's Prints
Not even just “not fearing the future”, but to go so far as laughing with abundant joy in the midst of bad circumstances... because we know who has us! i did it a while ago and i really wanted to redo it, i think it turned out ok... 🀷🏽‍♀️ i am looking for inspiration on things to write lately... and you can never go wrong with the bible! meditating as you write the word is amazing. that being said, what’s your favourite verse lately? #pearlsprints
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christine fisk
Whoops! in my haste i left or a line of st ignatius’ quote, but no time to redo! sorry πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ the quote should read - what has he done for me? he has loved me and given his whole self to me. what shall i do for him? i shall love him and give myself to him without reserve . love this quote! especially because, in short, it really is my only lenten/life goal . this quote came to mind earlier and just so happened to fit in really well with the commentary i read for today’s gospel . from st bernard - “you owe your whole life to christ jesus, for he gave his life for your life and endured bitter torments that you might not have to endure eternal torment is there anything that will not seem sweet to you after you have gathered into your heart all the bitter sufferings of your lord? as the heavens are higher than the earth (isaiah 55:9) so is his life higher than our life and yet it has been given for our life as mere nothingness cannot be compared to any other thing so our life cannot be measured against his when i have dedicated to him all that i am, all of which i am capable, it will still be like a star compared to the sun, a drop of water to a river, a single stone to a tower, a grain of sand to a mountain i have nothing but two small things, very small indeed: my body and my soul or rather, only one, small thing: my will and am i not going to give it to him who has gone before so small a being as i with such blessings, to him who, in giving himself wholly has wholly redeemed me? otherwise, were i to keep my will for myself, with what face, what eyes, what spirit or conscience would i take my refuge in the merciful heart of our god? how could i dare to pierce that strong rampart guarding israel and cause, not just a few drops, but torrents of the blood that flows from the five parts of his body, to flow at the price of my redemption?”
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Grace A. Wijaya
But yeshua became a cohen by the oath which god swore when he said to him, “ adonai has sworn and will not change his mind, ‘you are a cohen forever.’” messianic jews (heb) 7:21 cjb my next brush lettering workshop: βœ’ 31 march 2018 at galeries lafayette, pacific place mall 2-5pm βœ’ 7 april 2018 at koultura coffee, taman ratu, jakarta barat, 2-5pm info & registration please send dm to me 😊 . . . . . #30daysofbiblelettering #handlettering #bibleverse #biblelettering #christianart #christiancreative #bibleart #bibleverses #christianartist #shepaintstruth #typedaily #letteringcommunity #letteringhislove #brushcalligraphy #brushlettering #moderncalligraphy #christianlettering #workshoplettering #workshopjakarta #graceawijaya #gdsign #gracedsign
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Grace A. Wijaya
The reason the promise is based on trusting is so that it may come as god’s free gift, a promise that can be relied on by all the seed, not only those who live within the framework of the torah , but also those with the kind of trust avraham had — avraham avinu for all of us. this accords with the tanakh , where it says, “i have appointed you to be a father to many nations.” avraham is our father in god’s sight because he trusted god as the one who gives life to the dead and calls nonexistent things into existence. romans (rom) 4:16‭-‬17 cjb . . . . . #30daysofbiblelettering #biblelettering #bibleverse #calledtocreate #christiancreative #christianart #brushlettering #handlettering #handwritten #moderncalligraphy #brushcalligraphy #letteringhislove #letteringcommunity #faithfull #faithart #liveyourfaith #letteringjakarta #letteringdaily #bibleverses #graceawijaya #gracedsign#gdsign
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Grace A. Wijaya
So imitate god, as his dear children; and live a life of love, just as also the messiah loved us, indeed, on our behalf gave himself up as an offering, as a slaughtered sacrifice to god with a pleasing fragrance. ephesians (eph) 5:1‭-‬2 cjb . . . . . #30daysofbiblelettering #handlettering #letteringdaily #typedaily #typespire #brushlettering #lettering #bibleverse #biblelettering #christianart #liveyourfaith #scripturelettering #christiancreative #calledtocreate #letteringhislove #faithfull #daughterofgod #graceawijaya #gracedsign #gdsign
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Grace A. Wijaya
Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, romans 5:3 esv (trying to follow 30 days bible lettering for the several times, hopefully this one will not failed in the first several days of challenge like before πŸ˜‚) . . . #30daysofbiblelettering #handlettering #letteringdaily #lettering #typedaily #typegang #dailylettering #moderncalligraphy #brushcalligraphy #brushlettering #christian #bibleverses #biblelettering #bibleletteringchallenge #christianwoman #bibleverse #kaligrafina #belmenid #letteringjakarta #graceawijaya #gracedsign #gdsign
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Danielle Clifford
Day 17 of bible lettering for lent - 2 chronicles 20:15 . . . #lettering #30daysofbiblelettering #acreativelent #biblelettering
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